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Cathy CropJune 21, 2015  –   Happy New Earth Day!

We are celebrating the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, a day that I consider as New Year’s Day for the New Earth. I was divinely guided many years ago that the first day of a twelve month cycle on the New Earth is June 21st. The New Earth for me is the ascended version of the EarthMother who has shifted and changed her vibration resonating, over time, to a higher frequency. Since 2008, multiple shifts in the space/ time continuum have made time feel, in our reality, like it is moving millions of times faster. This energy frequency contains sound and light codes which affect each of us.

As the earth ascends to a higher vibrational frequency, we too must ascend in order to feel comfortable loving and living on the EarthMother. Being out of alignment with her rapid ascension can feel exhilarating yet uncomfortable, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is because we are shifting our perspective on what we thought was true about our lives and the interconnected life on this planet.

The spiritual climate is a changing! Some of you have probably been feeling an intensity of emotions especially in the past 30 days, and many of you have had a very bumpy ride since the beginning of the year! As you move through this shift, you may find you are more emotionally sensitive and having trouble communicating your truth or being listened to. Feelings of being overwhelmed, short circuited and exhausted can be symptoms of your mind, body and spirit aligning to a higher vibration. This vibration holds Love, compassion and the spirit of co-operation as the key to happiness and true expressions of who we are as a people and what is possible to purge and re-balance.

At the same time, this uniquely shifting energy offers us enlightenment. Opportunities and resources are now available to us, often in unexpected ways. We now find the ability to let go of a long held limiting belief or hurt. We find the freedom to have faith in what happens next in our life, with a certainty that things will work out. Incredible opportunities, sometimes disguised as loss, allow us to experience the fullness of Being, with new understanding. We find the strength, coupled with strong desire, to release the past and be honest with ourselves and others as we accept the truth about difficult situations. The energy right now is showing us that we need to release any negative patterns – they are too heavy a vibration to be travelling with your expanding awareness and consciousness.

We live on the earth and in ord465976541er to receive her gifts of Love and life, we need to be at her vibrational frequency. When we align our energy with hers we are living on the same wavelength. It is more comfortable, relaxing; letting us handle a little turbulence on our journey of change. It’s like flying in an airplane, as we adapt to the altitude we travel more comfortably.

Many of you can feel the shifts within you going on and evidence of your assimilation to this new altitude of consciousness will show itself in plenty of symptoms. No matter how long you have studied the healing arts or how great your merit may be, most people will be affected in some way, some more subtlety than others. You may be more edgy and emotionally sensitive, have weird dreams or find you just can’t say what you want to say without offending someone and embarrassing yourself. Perspective gets cloudy, judgement is off and all of a sudden “Sorry” is your middle name, especially if you are Canadian (J).   You may even find you have more aches and pains demanding your attention.

It’s decision time – time to choose whether to focus on where you are going or stare motionless at where you came from.

The more we try to resist this change in conscious altitude, the harder our inner and outer life appears to be. On an emotional level, the memories of hurt and anger we have bottled up have burst onto the scene. We cry, we get mad; we get worried, we get angry, we have been holding onto things for a lot longer than we needed to even though in our hearts we know better. Our actions and feelings spill over in what seems an uncontrollable urge to purge.

The great news is that as we lessen our grip and release the things that hurt us or made us the angriest, we begin to understand that we can take back control over our lives. As we let go we move to a place of expanded thinking and feeling. In Sound Chakras AcensionReiki® we talk about the traditional 7 energy points in the body known as Chakras. Each one of these energy centers is a connection to our physical self, our higher self or soul self and the Divine Source which I believe we are all connected to. When they are all in flow and in alignment they contribute greatly to a healthy body, mind and spirit and allow us to hold a very high resonance. This resonance repels disease and is the magnet that attracts your desires.

I have found that the 12th Chakra is blocked in my clients and the ascending human consciousness. The 12th Chakra is the Chakra of Ascension. It resonates to a Divine frequency and activates light and sound codes within each of us that allow us to increase our vibrational frequency and utilize the energy from that frequency to do remarkable things. Self-healing takes place, expanded awareness and consciousness, our intuitive/artist gifts expand and we attract experiences that feed our growth, happiness and desires.

Of course we still have freewill to allow the energy to flow or to block it with fear. This Chakra can be blocked, as it is for so many, through fear of change or because the feelings prompted by overwhelming circumstances have caused a short circuit. I have created an intention that will remove the block and heal this Chakra, making a difference for those negatively affected. They felt calmer, more relaxed and this created space for clarity and peace to come into their hearts and minds.

I would like to share with you this intention for aligning your 12th Chakra. All you have to do is relax and read the intention and then try to visualize in your mind’s eye or heart center a spinning (clockwise) ball of magenta and white sparkling light about a foot over your head. Once you see or feel this energy, you can choose to stay with it as long as you wish because it is now activated. When this Chakra is activated you may feel an increase in energy and you may feel like a bag has been lifted from your head. It will expand your consciousness and widen the door to your intuitive and spiritual connection and gifts, making them more accessible. It is important to develop the ability to trust your feelings. This intuitive, heart centered part of you is the vehicle that will guide you through the new vibrational frequency that will continue to change, with varying degrees of intensity, throughout the next few years.

So sit back, get comfy and read these words slowly out loud or to yourself, really focussing on each word. There is power in hearing your voice speak these words.

“It is my intent to connect with my Divine Source (or whoever you pray to) and I ask you to create a Divine chamber of Light around my 12th Chakra. I ask my Divine Source to remove all negative and dormant blocks in this and all Chakras, transmuting all negative causes and affects so the 12th Chakra is now open and in flow, resonating to 100% Light, creating my highest Divine reality, in alignment to the greater good of all.” I ask to be grounded in this loving Light energy now.   I give thanks and gratitude.”

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let your mind go. You can keep your mind open or focus on seeing or feeling the magenta and white light. You are complete when you feel like you want to open your eyes. Take some nice deep breaths. It is not unusual to see and feel some wonderful things. Let yourself go, your guides are with you.

If you wish to ground yourself after this intention is complete, just call in your Source and ask Source to ground you now. You can visualize in your heart center or mind’s eye, roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the earth. This anchors your energy within the EarthMother and allows you to use the high frequency, vibrational energy in a comfortable way in your physical body.

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Blessings for the magic of this Summer Solstice and Happy New Year to the New Earth! Celebrate each day, this gift of life! Have confidence that you are much loved by the Divine who lends you the courage and fortitude to realize that you are one with all that is Divine wisdom, strength, love, creativity, abundance and health. Allow yourself to feel confident and peaceful, in all ways, in all aspects of your life.

In Joy,



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