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The world is going through chaos, old paradigms are dissolving, old systems we thought were on solid ground are revealing the truth of themselves. Our beliefs about what we thought the world was and how we move in it are now coming up for serious review.  Has it always been like this and maybe we just weren’t able or willing to see it?  The truth is that the world is changing and we have an opportunity to direct that change in a way that is better, more in line with what we desire and that celebrates our belief that there is Love and Light in everything and that Light dispels illusion and reveals the truth.  Change is here and we can drive it.

The same can be said for our own personal world. All of us are affected in one way or another by what is going on in the world and that world is a mirror of our inner world. Ours is a private world we create and we are bound by its rules or beliefs created in childhood.  What is happening in the world is happening to you. Like the outside world, our inner world is relying on old belief systems to create something new and it isn’t working. It just knows how to create a different version of the old life.

This is why I wrote my divinely inspired new book The SoulChild Within.  In it, I introduce you to a breakthrough spiritual connection to your SoulChild that I have been using and teaching in my spiritual healing and coaching practice for almost a decade.  I have identified a unique part of our Soul self that is naturally programmed to assist us during our impressionable childhood and adolescence.   The SoulChild is never wounded, it does not know pain, sorrow or fear.  Those emotions are taught. You are Divine and those emotions are not your natural state of being.  The SoulChild is the best part of you –  teaching you.  Your SoulChild connection is your key to healing an unfulfilling life and creating a new one based in the freedom of knowing who you really are.  This book is about power and power includes your self confidence, your ability to love and trust yourself and others fully, your faith in yourself and manifesting your desires.  It’s a book about finding out when you gave your power away, and how to get it back.

Whether you believe your world is a place of scarcity and lack or a place of limitless possibilities and abundance, you will be bound to the laws of the world you live in.  466605917

  • Are your important life choices being made from a place of fear, anger or hurt?
  • Just imagine the benefits of knowing who taught you that.
  • Are you ready for the truth about why?
  • Did you know that you are naturally programmed to learn independence at age five?
  • Did you know that you are naturally programmed to learn about relationships at twelve?

If you are ready to see and heal your past in a whole new way, join me and hundreds of others who are loving our SoulChild Within.

Loving You,


The SoulChild Within Releasing August 13 2016

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