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What is wholeness and why is it important?  For me the understanding of wholeness became clearer when I received the teachings from Source of the concept and workings of the SoulChild™ within each of us.

I was amazed to discover the SoulChild teachings we are naturally programmed to receive and that are stored, within, as a part of our soul’s teachings.

I uncovered ten different attributes or qualities we are required to master in the achievement of wholeness.  For me, wholeness is about consciously living in alignment with your Higher Self, experiencing your highest and best self.

In my upcoming book, The SoulChild Within, you will discover the ten different attributes that are the keys to unlocking your potential, health and well-being. It opens you up to your personal power and your ability to right every wrong.  When these aspects are aligned in balance and harmony with your mind, body and spirit, something wonderful happens, Wholeness happens! When your ego (your mind) and the intuitive, feeling nature of your heart are united and work together in harmony activating self-actualization through self-awareness, a form of ascension, higher thinking and being.

The heart is the most powerful magnetic force in the body, science has proven it is stronger than the mind.  When we choose to lead with our heart brain, the ego mind follows, no arguments.  You don’t have the ego running the show, wanting desperately to get you to stay the same, stirring up old feelings of insecurity, fear and anger whenever it serves its purpose.  The ego doesn’t like change.  It will find all kinds of clever ways to make you insecure, second guessing yourself about change and the unknown.

When you stay in the same negative programming, even without realizing it, the ego has control and it’s where your deepest fears are fueling your decisions and actions.  The ego won’t let you forget that you are not good enough once you grasp that idea. When you can shift your way of thinking to a more loving and forgiving way, the soul’s song is heard by the intuitive nature of the heart.  When we achieve wholeness we take the high road to challenges, we naturally feel compassion and understanding for ourselves and others, raising your vibration and magnetically attracting happy, productive and expansive life experiences.

A new attribute and the influence of that attribute is activated each year from birth until you are 19 years old.  They appear in a specific order for everyone.

It became clear to me that when hurtful experiences occurred and were not healed through positive reinforcement, it would negatively affect how you see yourself and how you see others. Those become our limiting beliefs.  Actions and decisions that follow become rooted in negative belief patterns that dramatically affect the desired outcomes for you growing up.  I think one of the most common lies we tell ourselves is that we are not good enough. It’s epidemic.

If limiting beliefs are not identified and healed they become the basis of your mind set. When you believe you’re not good enough, it can be expressed in oversensitivity, feeling misunderstood, resentful, frustrated, lonely, depressed and having low self-worth to name a few.

The time spent dwelling on these types of thoughts and feelings, creates a low vibration energy, and all energy is magnetic.  The energy and focus put behind those beliefs and feelings will attract experiences that are creations of those negative beliefs. Your mind would lead you to believe that those experiences are truth when they are what I call “versions of the truth” also known as illusions. The fact of the matter is there are no versions of truth.  There is only one truth.

Those positive or negative experiences take us on one of two paths as an adult, leading each to two different worlds. Negative patterning that anchors as an adolescent can result in a view of the world that is “dog eat dog”.  This outlook is ruled by the illusions of the ego mind.  It savors the idea that we have to work hard to get a piece of the pie and that life is a competition with limited resources and a lack of abundance. The belief you have to fight to get ahead holds a vision of scarcity and loss. This is a fear-based view of the world and fear is loveless. It is the ego’s perspective, the mortal mind that sees the world this way. It’s also the ego mind that doesn’t tell you that you did something wrong, it says you are wrong. It tells you are bad and that others aren’t good enough. Someone taught you that.

The second path leads to a world based in spiritual principles and higher perspectives. Believing in limitless possibilities, knowing that there is enough for everyone and Love is all there is. Love is indestructible and eternal and is anchored by the belief that we are all naturally programmed for success and happiness.

Which world do you live in? The physical world of the ego mind or the spiritual world steeped in a higher values and perspective?  Each world has its own rules which support its beliefs and we are bound by the laws of the world we choose to live in. The world of limitation, scarcity and lack or the world of limitless abundance, joy and happiness; it is impossible to live in both worlds at the same time.

The truth is no one is more or less perfect than anyone else.  Our Divine Source created us all with the same attributes to be successful, what we do with them is what makes us individuals. Our free will allows us the choice to use, abuse or ignore them.

When our consciousness is aligned spiritually and consciously to 100% Divine Love and Light energy, the high vibrational power of love and compassion creates a state of positive physical health and psychological well-being. With clarity comes expansion on all levels, for each of us. Thoughts and feelings are energy and energy is magnetic. Like attracts like. This means happy people attract happy experiences, unhappy people attract unhappy experiences and the only thing they both have in common is they get what they expect.

I firmly believe that “you are the best healer you have ever met.”  Why? Well, no one knows more about you than you. It is just that limiting beliefs can make you forget. Negative experiences and their blocking effects diminish the memory of who you really are. As in nature, the poisons and cures are side by side, living in balance and harmony.  Inside each of us resides the lies we tell ourselves along with the truth that cures them.  You are your best healer.

You are evolving and the time is now to make permanent changes in your way of thinking and being. The time is now to understand and make changes to your psychological and physiological well-being so that you can create a positive, wonder filled life that is the destiny of each of us. What a remarkable world we can build as we return to our limitless spirit of co-operation, love and abundance rather than the fearful, divisive energy of competition, scarcity and lack.

Ready to start your journey to wholeness?  Email me at to book a SoulChild healing session and get ready to take a quantum leap in understanding and loving yourself.



Watch for The SoulChild Within to be released spring 2017.

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Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive, a vibrational sound healing expert and inspiring author of The SoulChild Within and lecturer. Wherever she goes, she sets the tone to the vibration of joy. Catherine is creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing, creator of the SoulChild™ Alignment Method and Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute. She is committed to your empowerment and positive life changes.


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