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C CHAIR LEG UP The Lightness of Be….ing

Spring is in the air and change is in the wind. Like the pollen spreading seeds of new life, our faith and trust in ourselves and our connection to a higher power is nurturing the seeds of new beginnings.

Often it is fear that interferes with our plans and happiness.   As you experience the changes in the vibration this month, let go of control issues, and trust that everything ultimately works out for the best; this will be good medicine for the heart and mind. Safety and security are directly proportionate to the degree of fear and worry you entertain. What is the dominant emotion that is driving your future?

Allow yourself to receive love, support and abundance.

 Expansion is in the air. New beginnings show the availability of more options and new paths that lead to interesting and unique opportunities to grow in any area of your life. I believe we are now remembering, if we allow it, how to be our potential. What needs your focus and attention? A new way of doing something, a new way of solving a problem or is it a decision to give up a negative attitude, relationship or limiting belief?

You are not alone and now is the time to allow yourself to receive love, support and abundance. Being open to listening to the wisdom of others and applying their experiences to your life experiences can greatly contribute to your own expansion. An expanded viewpoint offers many new alternatives and options to enhance your growth potential.

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Each of us is a bridge to a new understanding. When you are feeling down, remind yourself and each other, of past victories and happy memories. This will contribute to the well-being of all. The growth through releasing that we have been doing for the past three years is at an end. You are now ready to expand:

  • your circle of friends
  • your sense of Self
  • your knowing
  • your talents
  • your ability to love
  • your roles in life
  • your ability to respond
  • your sphere of influence
  • your blessings
  • every act of living through listening and applying the truth

177779087Live a life that creates great stories! It is time to stretch beyond our former capacity and be creators of our own wonderful stories, ones that can inspire others as we have been inspired. There is no need to control each step we take in creating our lives; this just stops the natural expansion process. How much stretching can a person do if they know exactly what to expect at every turn?

Are you willing to walk through every step of learning to gain the knowledge and wisdom to command the new expanded space the human consciousness is growing into?

Sounds good to me! This month is about empowerment through inspiration. When you naturally speak your own or receive another’s stories, it can bring forward universal understanding, integration and the catharsis needed to heal ourselves and those who listen and receive.

This month’s shifting energies call to us to be flexible and receptive to change. It is all about being open and taking a higher perspective, seeing the lessons/benefits for the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is self-empowerment through the releasing of victimization and looking more at the wisdom that is contained in each of our challenging experiences.

The energies of the Lunar Eclipse of April 4 illuminate the Truth in any situation, including that which is buried in your heart and mind. It can be a truth that is empowering, accepting good things about yourself, or it can be a cold truth, one you know to be true but afraid to admit. Both are liberating when fully embraced. The Truth can set you free, even if it is an uncomfortable truth.

This month’s energies support our decisions to be open and honest with our feelings, expressing them through strength, kindness, honesty and compassion. Be in command of your feelings without labelling them as good or bad and purge yourself of regret.

As we flow through the mid part of the month, after our release and awakening, the energies will start to calm down. May you feel more optimistic as you move towards the calmer, beautiful and freeing energy coming at the end of the month!



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