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Healing Crystals and Medicine Bag

In this new workshop you will receive your very own Crystal Healing Grid. The Sound Reiki® Balance and Harmony Crystal Grid combines Sacred Geometry, the power of Healing Crystals and the healing energy of Sound Reiki. You will learn how to create a healing and balancing grid of strengthening and aura expanding energy and its benefits to your life.

The crystals have been attuned and activated with Sound Reiki making this Healing Grid unique and powerful. The attunement of the Crystals creates a Healing Frequency Grid of Balance and Harmony around you that focuses and amplifies their benefits, balancing your energy and energizing your body, mind and spirit. The Healing Grid also creates a protective and healing environment.

Heather Hannan is offering this exciting new workshop at Joshua Creek Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario.

Saturday, November 26th, 2016 1-3pm   Cost of workshop is $88 and includes a Medicine Bag and set of Healing Crystals.

To Register or for information or call 647-231-6330

This Balancing and Harmony Crystal Grid uses three different Healing Crystals: Crocodile Jasper, Selenite and Raw Black Tourmaline. The specific placement of these crystals will help to deepen your meditation and yoga practice and take it to a whole new level. This will facilitate a deeper connection with yourself and with your spiritual teachers and guides.

When to use: Benefits:
  • During a Meditation session
  • During a Yoga session
  • Any time you wish to ground your energy
  • Any time you are feeling anxious or unsettled
  • When you feel your energy is low
  • To clear or create a Sacred Space
  • Deepen your Meditation Practice
  • Deepen your Yoga Practice
  • Amplifies the effects of any workout
  • Enhances your ability to focus
  • Calming, relaxing and grounding
  • Energizing and balancing
  • Keeps your vibrations high
  • Expands your auric energy

About the Healing Crystals

Crocodile Jasper

It is the supreme Nurturer and a crystal of Peace and Tranquility soothing the nerves and state of mind. It eliminates negative energy and is a comforting stone that stabilizes your chakras.

Selenite Stress Stones – 2 pieces

Removes blocks to healing.  It is a crystal of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and decisiveness. Used for contacting and communicating with angels for guidance. It promotes flexibility and is ideal for energy cleansing, clearing energy blockages and healing.

Black Tourmaline

A crystal of protection and a powerful grounding stone, it aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system.  It promotes a sense of power and self-confidence.

The beautiful Crystal Grid Medicine Bag comes in several different colours and patterns and allows you to easily take your crystals to any location. It contains complete instructions on how to use for all applications.

“My experience with the Crystal Healing Grid has been profound. I saw the Grid created around me and watched it light up. It extended up to my Divine Source and below me it connected to the Earth Mother. I felt a vibration begin and continue throughout my 5 minute meditation.  I felt a strong heart connection and I could feel blocks starting to dissolve. The peace and love around me brought tears to my eyes. When it was complete I felt relaxed and energized and now, an hour later, I feel strong and my mind is sharp and clear. The Crystal Grid was a magical experience!” 

Heather Hannan,  Sound Reiki Master Teacher

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