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As 2015 comes to a close next month it’s amazing for me to reflect on how much has happened this year, lots of changes, some for the better and others I am still scratching my head about. Everyone I have spoken to in the past few months has gone through monumental change and often through upheaval.

By change, I mean the kind of stuff that is life changing. The kind of change that forces you to leave completely the path you were on, and through a traumatic quantum leap, move to a path that you are supposed to be on. Some have had their homes affected, some relationships and still others have been releasing an old pattern or habit that was not serving them and the effect is on a large and permanent scale.

The cool thing about these conversations is how much people have appreciated the changes they see in themselves as a result. Although gut wrenching at the time, once over, everyone seems so much more reflective and philosophical about their understanding of the events that had to take place in order to take them where they needed to go. There is no resentment for the dramatic event that took them there.

What has helped me get through the massive changes in my life is knowing that the Universe is intentional; meaning, nothing happens without a higher purpose. The other magical understanding is that the Universe holds whatever is intended for you, in trust. We never lose anything despite the time it might take for us to get the message, make the change or become at peace with it.heart hands

There is a touching movement in the hearts of our consciousness that is determined to accept the things that are happening rather than resist them. Energy healing has become more sought out as we look to help ourselves regain spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.

If we feel like we messed up somewhere along the path, this creates a type of punishment. An unhappy or shocking experience can become a weapon against ourselves as we dwell on it rather than using it as the lesson that it actually is. On the other hand, when we can accept responsibility for everything that happens to us, meaning we accept that we were a part of what was created, it can really empower us.

Incredible strength, confidence and claiming of our personal power has been the outcome for many people, including me, the benefit of the unexpected changes that we never thought would happen to us. This is a sign of ascension taking place in your life. Ascending our interpretation of events, looking at the bigger picture, and ultimately accepting that what we are going through is going to benefit us, even if we can’t see it from our current vantage point.

179064305Stay the course, you are much loved and protected by God and your Divine Guides every step of the way. You are never abandoned. Even if you are not yet listening…….. you are never abandoned or judged.

This is a time when we are asked to be really honest with ourselves about anything that has been bothering us. Be really honest and authentic with yourself about how you feel when someone treats you poorly and you keep taking it. Why are you doing that? Why are you trying to make it OK?

Catering to any fear of making an important move and taking a personal risk will keep you stationary in your life. You are in flow and that means things can change every day. Let them. Let your flow show you the wonders on the other side of your fear. Take the plunge, make that tough decision, do it now. Free yourself and be open to what happens next, trusting that you are taken care of by a loving and dedicated Universe.

Here are some suggestions to help you take the next step to a quantum leap in your new life.

  1. Write out your feelings with total honesty about what is bothering you. The only way you can be honest with another is to be honest with yourself first.
  2. Write out what you desire in your life and give yourself permission to have it.
  3. Avoid focusing your precious energy on what you don’t want to happen and turn your attention to what you do want.
  4. There are more than two solutions to every problem, when you can only think of two choices; it’s a sign you have not looked at it long enough or with an open perspective.

You can do it and in fact, you are doing it right now. Making changes. Let it be refreshing and know that you are ready to really look at anything that makes you afraid or nervous and do something about it. Fear is a block, fear makes you stale and fear keeps you in an unhappy state. Fear is the opposite of Love.

Set a new standard of living, loving, thinking and feeling. You can do it! Keep going, life is extraordinary, expect miracles, there is one just waiting for you right now….just say yes and make the change.

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With Great Love and Admiration for you All


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