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StarsWe recently met a gifted clairvoyant in Sedona, Arizona, Yahaira Volpe.  We would like to share her astrological forecast for April.

In the Stars for April


The signs are everywhere as the change in season is here, the trees are budding, spring flowers floral smells permeate the air and the weather is getting warmer. The Sun is now moving through the fire sign Aries signifying new beginnings. The keyword for Aries is “I Am”.  Aries is an enthusiastic fire sign which ignites our inner fire to burst forward this spring season with new initiatives. As the Sun makes squares this early part of the month to Uranus and Pluto we sense urgency towards change perhaps erratically; a general restlessness is in the air.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars, it is the point of all beginnings. Aries represents the out rushing force of nature. It rules the head, the symbol being the ram which represents that thrust forward, headstrong characteristic of Aries natives. The Aries influence gives the Sun sign natives an adventurous pioneering spirit, very independent, courageous, impulsive and a blunt and direct manner. Aries cannot endure restrictions placed upon them, they are forever moving on to new projects, seldom completing the old ones. An Aries person inhibited by daily routine and a sedentary life is likely to eventually explode. Some Aries natives take the me first attitude and can go to extremes of selfishness, crudeness, egotistical attitudes and foolhardiness if it is not tempered by sensitivity to others and strong guiding ideals. They can be the life of the party and catalyst for change to those whose life they touch. Happy Birthday Aries!

The changes in your attitudes and lifestyles will continue this year as Uranus and Pluto square your Sun. A new identity is emerging out of the chaos with brilliance and direction in life this year.

Mercury is now moving in direct motion in the water sign Pisces. This transit can affect us to feel more sensitive emotionally yet it lends positive influence to our imagination, stirring up our creative forces.

Venus and Mars continue to transit through Aries. This energy charges us to initiate new adventurous directions with a straightforward push in relationships and business. We may feel more impulsive with our spending during this time. This conjunction can make us act impulsively and rashly in our judgments of others so watch out for friction in relationships this month.

Jupiter continues its transit through the curious air sign Gemini. This increases our mental interests and can compel us towards more verbal exchanges.  Our thoughts and ideas can go in different directions as Jupiter will like to expand in many areas at once.

Saturn is now moving in retrograde motion until July 8th. This transits through the mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio helps us probe into our deepest fears, limitations and restrictions analyzed on the deepest levels of our being. This can be a good time for us to develop a greater awareness of our own psyche.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square one another charging the energies for change, renewal and redemption.

Pluto will turn retrograde on April 13th. This station is very intense and can be experienced as transformative on many levels. Pluto does represent death, regeneration and transformation. Big changes are evident in the middle of April.

Neptune, which rules over imagination, compassion, spiritual and intuitive faculties, is progressing in its own sign Pisces. This transit will help to strengthen our intuitive mind and helps us grow spiritually while it transits Pisces for about 14 years. Some people may experience more flashes of intuition, psychic abilities and creative imagination as a result of this influence.

The Lunar Cycles for April

The Last Quarter Moon is on Tues. April 2nd in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This ending cycle of the lunar phase is a good time to process, and evaluate how your plans and projects have developed over the last 3 weeks. It’s a good time to put things in order and wait for the influence of the new cycle emerging next week.

The New Moon occurs Wed. April 10th in the initiating fire sign Aries. Strong forces will pull in this week to start new activities. Pioneering efforts and changes can happen during this lunar phase. Some aspects to Uranus and Pluto may cause disruptions or changes. This is a good time to plant seeds in your garden.

The First Quarter Moon occurs April 18th in the water sign Cancer. The first quarter moon gives us the light to see what is emerging in our life. This is a good time to secure and protect what you hold dear to your heart. This lunar influence puts us in touch with our feelings and emotions.  The transiting Sun will enter into the peaceful earth sign Taurus April 19th.  This will slow down the energetic vibrations and give us a time of stability from mid -April to  mid-May.

The Full Moon occurs April 25 in the powerful intense water sign Scorpio.  It’s the first Lunar Eclipse this year and this can be an intense full Moon for all the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Full Moon energy can bring out polarity and contrast in order to balance our forces. Like yin/yang, good/bad, any combination of polarity. A very good time to meditate; take the time to balance what is felt to be secure and what is emerging from the darkness within towards the light. Strong transformative forces are available during this lunar eclipse, oftentimes people’s lives can change direction during an eclipse depending upon what planets are engaged and influenced in the natal horoscope.

As always the stars can influence the energy we have available to choose our actions. We are the deciders of our own destiny if we reach for the opportunities to change and grow.

Peace and Blessings


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