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Welcome to the World of Sound Reiki®

Enjoy an audio Sound Reiki® Aligning and Balancing Meditation, right now.

This is an excellent introduction to Sound Reiki® healing and all you need is a quiet space and about 15-20 minutes.

Brief introduction to prepare you for the Sound Reiki® Meditation

Sound Reiki® Aligning and Balancing Meditation

This Alignment is intended to:

  • balance and harmonize your energy by increasing the flow of Divine Love and Light energy throughout your mind, body and spirit
  • create clarity, assisting you to make better decisions
  • increase your energy level
  • create a high vibrational frequency attracting positive people and experiences that share the same Light frequency

Watch for more postings of Sound Reiki® video and audio meditations.

Sound Reiki Certification is available online. Link here

For a Sound Reiki® healing session with Catherine, please contact Catherine Varga at

What is Sound Reiki®?

Sound Reiki® is a pioneering modality created by Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan. The foundation of Sound Reiki® is based on a sound and light healing system rooted in electro tonal frequency vibrations expressed using only the voice.

It is a hands free energy healing system working with sound and light codes that move and direct Divine Universal Energy through the power of intention.  Every action is based on intent, conscious or not. The way you phrase an intention, along with your faith and trust in the intention calibrates Divine Light energy to the level of vibrations that are needed for healing. It also calibrates the sound that corresponds with the healing vibration you are calling in.

Sound Reiki® students and practitioners are trained in advanced Applied Kinesiology also known as muscle testing. They are instructed on how electro-tonal frequency tones are able to correct the malfunctioning communication links within the nervous system and at its spiritual source, affecting health at a root level.

Like traditional Reiki, Sound Reiki® works with Divine Universal Energy created by a prayer of intent.  Sacred Symbols are transformed into tones that create and direct Divine Light energy to the areas requiring healing in the mind, body and spirit almost instantly.

The vocally created tones are electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy encompasses a broad spectrum of light and sound frequencies. There are many, many more Light and Sound frequencies than we can see or hear. The Divine tones of the Oneness activate sound and light codes. What are sound and light codes? They are patterns of electro-tonal energy that make up sound and light frequencies. These codes control the way that energy moves and manifests within a form. These codes affect the DNA, auric fields and chakras rearranging their energy to work in a different way. Through these codes we can alter our space/time continuum to release old patterns in the body and create new healthy ones.

We believe sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy. The goal of the Sound Reiki® healings and teachings is to return our bodies to their original state of being – before they were distorted by fear, anger, guilt and other negative vibrations.

In teaching the Law of Attraction, we talk about how there are only two types of energy, negative and positive. Everything resonates to one of them. As we continue to heal and release negative aspects of ourselves, we vibrate at a higher, more positive frequency, attracting more positive experiences and people into our lives. Energy is magnetic, if you are filled with fear, anger, or low self-esteem your vibration slows down and you will attract negative experiences and people. Your gut feelings are indicative of the vibration you are experiencing. This is you feeling your connection to your Higher Self.

Sound Reiki® healing sessions and meditations are conducted by phone or Skype.  When the time comes for the healing tones, the client sits back, closes their eyes with their palms facing up and comfortably in their lap, and receives the powerful healing tones.




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