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Are you ready to take Sound Reiki® to another level?

Learn how to access multiple healing dimensions using only your voice.

You were introduced to the concepts in Level I, now you will learn how to:

Align yourself to your greatest good.

Set yourself up for success before meetings, events and special occasions.

Expand your intuitive abilities and your ability to give and receive energy healing.

Learn how to do remote healing.

Sound Reiki® Level II

The Sound Reiki Certification workshop teaches the principles of Sound Reiki and how to move energy with your voice. This is an ascended method of working with sound and light healing codes for healing with swift and powerful results.

When you complete this workshop you will be able to:

  • EXPAND your ability to give and receive Sound Reiki healing energy.
  • Clear and balance the energy of yourself, your home and other spaces.
  • Improve your muscle-testing skills to assist you in your personal healing and that of others.
  • Identify and remove energy cords and do remote healing.
  • Identify Chakras which are out of alignment and align and balance them.
  • And you will be learning about the Ethereal Chakras and receive an Ascension Chakra activation.

Ascension Master Catherine Varga will be leading this fun, interactive and dynamic healing Sound Reiki Certification Program. You will gain hands-on experience with the unique and powerful Sound Reiki energy and practice sound healing techniques that you will be able to use in many different areas of your life.Catherine Varga headshot 003 websize

Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive, a vibrational sound healing expert, inspiring author of The SoulChild Within and lecturer. Wherever she goes, she sets the tone to the vibration of joy. Catherine is creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing, creator of the SoulChild™ Alignment Method and Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute. She is committed to your empowerment and positive life changes.

Dates: April 3 & 4, 2018  6:30-9:30pm

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, 1086 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville, ON L6H 7B2

For March we are offering this workshop at a special price of just $150 per personSound Reiki Level II is normally $350 per person

That’s a savings of $200!

All participants will give and receive healings throughout the workshop

All participants will receive an Ascension Chakra Activation

Notes will be provided

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive your Sound Reiki Level Two Attunement, aligning you to a vibrational frequency that activates multi-dimensional tonal healing energy from Divine Source.

Space is limited

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