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Align & Balance Stones balancing above hand dreamstime_m_284469Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, said “Sound will be the medicine of the future.” We invite you to enter into the world of vibrational medicine and discover how your voice can heal. Along with so many others who are training in sound healing, we, at the Sound Reiki Institute, are living proof of the power of the voice. Let us teach you how to access multiple healing dimensions by projecting electro-tonal frequencies, using only your voice.

The Self-Healing Series workshops are intended to help you help yourself.  2013 is a year of opportunity. When we break down the numbers in 2013 it hints at what the themes will be for our growth throughout 2013.  Two is the number of balance, relationships and harmony, zero represents wholeness, completion and feminine energy and thirteen is about transformation, emotional growth, a positive, liberating change, a different cycle commencing and a new way of life.   2013 also adds up to the number six which confirms the year is about experiencing all that we need to create balance and harmony in all areas of our lives. Would you like to transform yourself creating health, happiness, self-awareness and confidence where anything is possible?

Prepare for a fun, interactive and dynamic healing experience with the unique and powerful Sound Reiki™ Self-Healing Workshop Series led by Ascension Grand Masters Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan. Both Catherine and Heather are accomplished Sound Reiki Master Teachers and Usui Reiki Masters.  Sound Reiki is a unique style of energy healing that uses sound with the voice instead of symbols and uses the body instead of the hands for healing.

We will introduce various techniques that you can use on yourself to:

  • check your energy levels
  • identify imbalances
  • learn the basics of self-healing using the power of the sound of your voice.

The impact of this type of energy healing is instant and anyone can learn it.  This exciting program will benefit all those with an open mind and heart and who believe in a higher power, a Divine Source, no matter what they call it. If you have Reiki experience, prepare to take it to another level!  If you are just starting, then get ready to take a quantum leap in your understanding of yourself and how to read your body in a new and unique way.

There are a total of five entry level workshops to choose from. The 2 hour classes are offered once a week for five weeks.  The classes repeat themselves so that if one is missed it can be made up.  The workshops can be taken individually as general interest or as a way to achieve your Sound Reiki™ Level One Certification.

Each workshop is worth one credit of the Level One program. When all 5 workshops have been completed you will achieve your Sound Reiki™ Level One Certificate, receive an Attunement to Sound Reiki™ and a certificate of completion. Level One is considered an introduction to the principles of Sound Reiki™.  For those who wish to complete Sound Reiki™ Level One certification in a shorter period of time, we offer a weekend intensive program.  Please inquire for our next date.

A new sense of clarity surrounds everything you look at when limitations are healed.  With your new level of self-awareness, decisions and choices are made in alignment with who you really are and that which keeps you in harmony. When we are in this state we can create our highest possible divine reality – where anything is possible.  The time is now.   Learn More

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