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The Sound Reiki Institute, founded by Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan, is committed to expanding awareness through sound healing.

The Sound Reiki Institute offers Sound Reiki® Certification Programs and Sound Reiki Self-Healing Workshops.  All of our programs, retreats and workshops  are intended to inspire, educate and manifest a shift in consciousness for each person, whether you are a Reiki Master or just starting to explore alternative healing solutions.

What is Sound Reiki?

Sound Reiki® is a powerful Sound Healing methodology using the quantum physics of sound; this pioneering technique uses sound to restore health on a cellular level.  Specializing in root causes of dis-ease, this system traces dis-ease, through neuro-pathways, back to its roots.  Using electro-tonal frequency songs, it is able to correct the malfunctioning communication links within the nervous system and its spiritual source.

These blocks are often a result of limiting beliefs created by trauma, karmic patterns and many other sources that ultimately manifest in the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual body.  Addressed by healing, these patterns or blocks are removed and your Divine Light within increases.

When you resonate to 100% Divine Light, you feel your presence getting larger.  You feel bigger.  As your ability and confidence to maintain 100% Divine Love and Light increases, your decisions and choices become clearer and more in-line to your personal truth.  When you do that, you start to attract the people and experiences that resonate with your new light vibration.  This is true because energy is magnetic, and ‘like will attract like’. Conversely, when you are filled with fear, anger and low self-esteem, you vibrate at a lower vibration, which you cannot hide, and it attracts more of that into your life.

When you are moving more light into your being, your world starts to shift.  The people around you that are more negative or depressing will be less comfortable with your energy and move away.  You will see what is energy draining in your life and have the strength and clarity to make changes.

You will find this Sound and Light Healing technique transformational.  It is our intent that you receive clarity and focus, free from limiting beliefs created in this life or another.  You can then can make decisions and choices that assist you to create a state of health, happiness, self-awareness and confidence where anything is possible.

The Sound Reiki programs are intended to assist you to create a process of life changing ‘Ah Ha’s’, illuminating your individual unique talents, gifts and passions.

Sound Reiki Certification

Usui Reiki Certification


Catherine Varga                Heather Hannan


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