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Power of Forgiveness Heart - Sound Reiki Institute

Join Heather Hannan, Sound Reiki Master Teacher and Singing Healer from the Sound Reiki Institute, to experience a tranquil Sound Reiki Healing Meditation. During the guided meditation you will enjoy Heather’s angelic healing tones and be lulled into a place of peace and harmony.

At the Sound Reiki Institute we believe that sound is one of the most powerful ways of affecting energy. Come and experience sharing, meditation and group healing with like-minded people. You will be guided in meditation to let go of stress and tension, and experience an inner stillness and sense of well-being. This meditation will benefit all, whether you are practiced or would like to try something new.

During the guided meditation Heather will sing the healing tones which are specific to that particular group of people. After the meditation we have a circle to discuss the meditation and share insights.

“Meditation sesHeatherHannan Head Shot tw websizesions with Heather are extraordinary. A fear I had has been explained and has proven very helpful to me. For three days after another meditation session, I felt so relaxed; it was like being on an extended holiday.”  BH

“I can honestly say that never before have I experienced this kind of healing.” FD

Upcoming Sound Reiki Healing Meditation

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014  7pm

Location:  Parklawn & Lakeshore,  Etobicoke, ON     Cost:  $15

To register or for information call 416-255-9403 or email:

Private Meditation Coaching
Do you live outside of  Toronto, have time constraints or prefer not to travel?  I am happy to guide individuals, couples or groups in a private meditation session over Skype.                 45 minutes – $56

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