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Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are available either in person or over the phone. The length of a Healing Session will be approximately 1 to 2 hours. There is no preparation required other than having an empty stomach before the session and an open mind.

Each session starts with an alignment, balancing your Divine Light energy and aspects to the highest possible Divine Light vibration to begin our work. This alignment enables us to communicate on the same dimensional levels for your healing. In other words, with this alignment, you will “see and hear” me on many levels simultaneously.

I focus on the root of issues not their symptoms. I like to get to the core of where these issues were first created, whether it is in this life or another. With each person one or more “primaries” will reveal themselves to me for healing prior to our meeting. Please feel free to bring questions or issues that you would like to address in addition to what I will reveal to you. Many times, they will be the same but not perhaps in a way that is immediately obvious to you.

Healing happens in layers. As the root of issue is revealed and healed, the next stage of blocks or limiting beliefs start to show themselves, one dimension of your being at a time. The amount of work we are able to do in one session is completely dependent on how much energy healing you can handle. This is very deep healing and if you choose, permanent. Once the root source of the issue is healed and it is completely understood why it occurred, most of my clients never go back to those issues. What we allow to manifest in our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body is based on our free will choice. These healings provide clear choices of beliefs and activities that will maintain the Divine Light that is increasing in you as blocks are healed. When you hear, and with your free will, accept the healing tones that are customized for you and vibrating on many dimensional levels, healing will happen almost instantly.

Healing Session - 90 minutes
90 minutes - In Person, by Telephone or Skype Email for appointment.
Price: $350.00

Healing Session - 60 minutes
60 minutes - By telephone or Skype - For an appointment email
Price: $250.00

House & Business Clearings
Price is based on square footage and begins at $750. Contact for more details.
Price: $

It is best to contact me for an appointment before purchasing your healing session. Be sure to include your name and phone number and when you would prefer your session.

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