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Self Healing Development Program


This Program is a basic introduction to Divine Sound and Light Healing Energy that we will use to initiate a self healing and self awareness process. This program is intended to create an awareness of self and your Higher Self through an understanding of your connectedness to the Divine Oneness in all things. With the guidance of an Ascension Grand Master, you will learn about:


  • How energy flows
  • What blocks energy
  • How it can manifest in dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit
  • How it can be healed

You will learn more about who you are, your beliefs, where they are rooted and how they help you or hinder you. Once these limiting aspects are revealed, we will work on some basic healing techniques to remove them and what you can do to continue to increase your Divine Light Energy which is the root of manifestation energy that creates and maintains more harmony and balance in your life.

The Self Development Program consists of 8 Two Hour classes held weekly in a maximum group of 10. Upon registration for the program, we offer two fee structures. Each class is $56 per person plus GST and can be paid at the beginning of each class. The second and more popular is to pay upfront for the program at a reduced fee of $425.00 plus GST.

These two deep healing sessions awaken and align your core beliefs which are the root of your choices and decisions. What do you believe in and why? In each of these two sessions we will be identifying blocks or limiting beliefs for each participant to remove that which separates you from aligning to your Higher Self/Authentic Self, to your Divinity and the Oneness in All Things, the source of your core beliefs, the core essence of who you are. Aligning & Anchoring Core Beliefs

2 Hour Class
Prerequisites- None

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

Each time we heal something within ourselves, whether it is an attitude, a habit, or an experience, we are forever changed. This is Conscious Reincarnation™. This powerful healing and alignment will be conducted over 2 classes to provide you with the clarity of Divine Light Energy to review, bless and release the past - all that brought you to this point in time. We will identify and address blocks to releasing the past for each participant. Using a guided Meditation you will learn how to access your inner guidance system to release the past achieving a sense of freedom to be more of who you really are.

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful force based on the principle that whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to is what you attract to yourself. Right now it is attracting the people, jobs, relationships and situations that you are experiencing in your life. In this Workshop you will learn what the Law of Attraction is, how it works and why you keep attracting things that leave you unfulfilled. Learn the 3 words that people use every day that attracts obstacles and how to attract more of what you do want to your life.

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

Commonly referred to as Soul Mates, Divine Universal Twin Flames are the essence of the same Soul. Initially coexisting, they split into two, one carrying feminine attributes, the other masculine the object being to experience life and physical form. In order to achieve wholeness within ourselves and the human consciousness, it is necessary for all Twin Flames to reunite in a relationship of love and harmony. This class will identify and heal any blocks to the participants attracting or enhancing their Divine Universal Twin Flame relationship.

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

Sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy. We are all a density of electro-magnetic energy and when sound is used for healing, the body reorganizes itself to a more positive construction on a cellular, molecular and DNA level. In this workshop you will experience what Sound Healing is and how sound affects the body.

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

Sacred symbols are prominent in most spiritual belief systems In this introduction to Numerology you will learn the meanings and sacredness of numbers and how to interpret this symbology to understand the relationship of numbers to your life. We will identify your Life Path Number, Destiny Path and what that means to you. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the entire Self Development Program. This program will also provide the foundation and pre-requisites for the next program in the series - The Self Healing Mastery Program. This Program is offers an advanced understanding and techniques for Divine Sound and Light Healing and the option to become a Sound Reiki Master.

Prerequisites- All Above Classes

September 16, 2010Toronto- Address TBA

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