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Let the celebrations begin in joy, love, light and laughter. This magical time beckons us to give thanks and gratitude and celebrate love, life and all those that inspire us to believe in the magic of living. 2012 has been a year of powerful change and we are grateful to the lessons of strength, courage and sense of humor. We give thanks and gratitude here at the Sound Reiki Institute for the encouragement from all of our families, friends and supporters. Thank you, you make a difference.

We recently met a gifted clairvoyant in Sedona, Arizona, Yahaira Volpe. We wanted to share an excerpt of the 2012 December Astrological forecast she had sent that was very compelling.

“The Winter Solstice occurs Dec. 21st in the early morning. This is the first day of winter, the beginning of the new count in the Mayan calendar which is much anticipated by new age followers. As Cancer represents the highest expression of the Solar-light in the summer with the longest day, Capricorn represents the longest night which turns the focus inward for us to seek the inner light and be guided by it during the dark winter nights. This polarity represents the shift from the external growth of life to the internal natural forces which beckon us to grow inwardly, slow down and seek the inner teacher represented by the internal light. Nature follows this cycle by stopping its outward growth and works inwardly while it rests until the spring where everything awakens.

In the past celebrations displaying faith and hope have come down to us by displaying the lights on the evergreen tree or lighting candles, something we still do today. These were the symbols for the faith that the Sun’s light would return to the northern hemisphere in the Spring Equinox. “ In Peace. (To see Yahaira’s full December Forecast click here)

We love the idea that our energy, the fire within, expands outwardly during the spring and summer seasons. In the winter season it is time to look inwards and turn the fire into a flame through self-reflection, nurturing the root source of our flame. This is our time to plan and develop new ideas in readiness to spring forth and illuminate ourselves fully and outwardly, yet again, in the summer sun.

The evergreen tree represents us and the lights on the tree are a reminder of the Divine Light within. Blessed be your loving Light.

In Joy

Catherine Varga & Heather Hannan

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