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catherine-vargaManaging our thoughts and feelings during the past couple months of vibrational shifts has been expanding to say the least! The energy has been moving dynamically with the completion of Mercury Retrograde and the rejuvenating Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are potent transits in astrology and signify that energetically our lives are changing. The harmonious triangle of Venus, Sun and Moon in the heavens, spiritualized and energized this eclipse’s frequency significantly. Our psychic and creative gifts are now greatly enhanced and our ability to create abundance is growing in leaps and bounds.


457798769How can we best make use of this transformative energy?

Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that, in truth, all one really needs to do to change any aspect of their life, heal any dis-ease, create abundance, or achieve transfiguration of the physical body into the Ascended Realm, is to raise their vibration and frequency.

There is agreement among science, medicine and metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel disease, and certain frequencies can destroy disease. Herein we find the link between frequency (vibration) and health. (I think this is the place in the newsletter where the blog would stop and link to the website) Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy! Scientific research has shown that different parts of our bodies have their own sonic signature. In other words the sound of the cells of your heart differs from the sound of the cells of your Lungs.

When parts of the body become stressed or dis-eased, they are no longer producing the correct sound wave; in other words they are not vibrating at their optimal resonant frequency. To re-establish or recalibrate your frequency, you need to understand how lower and higher vibrations affect your energy and health. The heart has the least effort for pumping blood to endocrine glands when operating in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute. At this rhythm it beats literally with the hologram of the planet and the universe – 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love.

Thoughts and Feelings Directly Impact Your Vibrational Frequency

Thoughts are the language of the conscious mind and feelings are the language of the subconscious. The mind is stronger than the body and the body is the obedient servant of the mind. Whatever you spend time thinking about, the body will react to and attract. Have you ever started thinking of negative “what if” scenarios happening to you and all of sudden your stomach starts churning? Humans are electro-magnetic energy beings, our thoughts and feelings are also electro-magnetic energy and like attracts like. If you spend your energy thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others, the body will respond.

480740401Positive thoughts and feelings create energy that nourishes and nurtures the body, mind and spirit attracting positive experiences and health and well-being. When we think loving thoughts combined with the feelings of love and joy, no disease can enter your body, mind or spirit.

Disease is a form of energy. All energy has a vibrational frequency to it and is activated by your dominant thoughts and feelings. Emotions are energy and whatever feelings we dwell on, positive or negative, send out a frequency that communicates to the subconscious, that sends out a signal to the universe to manifest experiences that will continue to create those emotions.

The sub-conscious does not discern whether those emotions are positive or negative for your well-being, it just attracts whatever experience is needed to continue to “feed” and reinforce your emotions.
Human beings are a density of energy in physical form. There are only two kinds of energy – positive and negative and both need nourishment to stay alive. When dwelling on feelings of sadness or anger, the energy of those feelings attracts experiences in the form of people, places and things to happen to keep us sad or mad. When we act from fear, the opposite of love, we attract more things to be afraid of. When we act from a place of love, self-esteem and self-respect, we attract experiences that create more to be happy about. This is a universal law called the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Vibration might not be as well-known as the Law of Attraction, however, the Law of Vibration serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at a frequency and so are you. However, your frequency is different from other things in the universe – hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you – people, animals, plants, trees and so on. BUT you are not separated – you are in fact living in an ocean of energy – we all are.

We are all connected at the lowest level, our source, – a level professor John Hagelin calls the “unified field”.

“Particle accelerators are the modern microscopes that let you probe deeply into the structure of reality at smaller and smaller distances. At smaller and smaller distances, we continually discover new things… The deeper you probe, the simpler life becomes. All of the complexity of the universe and hundreds of particles of fundamental particles of nature all simplify to become ultimately one. That is what is called the discovery of the unified field or super-string field, which explores and derives and verifies the fundamental unity of life.” … John Hagelin

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert EinsteinSpace

With your higher power, you are a co-creator of your life. You choose how you feel by choosing what you think and what situations you put yourself in. With intention you can raise your vibration and change your life.

I have included a Prayer of Intention for you to use whenever you would like to raise your vibration.  Alternatively, you can click here and listen to the Sound Reiki® Aligning and Balancing Meditation, now. Just sit back, close your eyes and relax.

Prayer of Intention to Raise Your Vibration to Your Highest Divine Light Frequency

“I give thanks and gratitude to Divine Source for this intention. It is my intent to release all negative thoughts and feelings that may reside on any and all levels of my Being. Through my forgiveness I release and transmute all negative causes and affects so I am now resonating to 100% Divine Love and Light frequency on all levels of my Being. Thank you for this blessing.”

Close your eyes. Sing the tones that first come into your Being, allow it to flow for as long and loud as you feel. Do you see (with your heart) and feel the energy, can you see colors?

Take a deep breath and drink in the energy of Divine White Light so it permeates you inside and out. Picture, in your mind’s eye, roots coming out of the soles of your feet deep into Mother Earth who holds you in her loving arms, to ground you. Give thanks. Have a happy day.

Be loving, have kind thoughts and be gentle with your feelings towards yourself. Choose to release yourself of limiting beliefs carried forward from another time in your life. The past is over, the future has not yet begun, be a beacon of what you want to experience in life. Decide now to enjoy the vibration of love, happiness and compassion, aligning your thoughts and feelings to your highest vibration.

We will be offering the last Sound Reiki Certification Program of the year on December 6-7th. Join us to learn how to shift and transform your own vibration in a powerful and unique way.

Blessings to all,


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