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In native traditions butterfly is the spiritual symbol of a master of transformation.

Butterfly’s medicine tells us that the mastery of  transformation is alive and evolving in each of us.  It is akin to the element of air, the mind and our ability to know our mind or to change it.  Our ever-evolving environments and personal circumstances prod us to focus our attention on the changes needed within us to be able to adapt to a world that not only seems to be going a million times faster…. it is.  I believe that the world and the evolution of the human consciousness is shifting to a higher frequency vibration which makes everything magnified, especially your thoughts and feelings and the experiences that mirror them.

There is no coincidence that when we feel depressed or a sense of low self-worth, we say we feel down.  “Down” resonates to a low vibrational frequency and we can shift our attention by making a decision that we are ready to focus our attention on what if feels like to feel up.  When we are “up” we feel lighter, happier and become more optimistic about our future. It is this energy that is compatible to the vibrational shift we will be living in.  It takes exactly the same amount of energy to be happy as it does to be unhappy, and you are only one decision away from making the shift.  The decision is to do it, create a plan, act on it and share the benefits.

The medicine of Butterfly according to the Native American teachings of Jamie Sams and David Carson, is from their book Medicine Cards.   The teachings talk about the never ending cycle of self transformation. The four stages of butterfly’s physical transformation mirror the steps to our own spiritual self transformation.  These steps allow us to understand where we are and what we need to do next to complete the cycle.

  1. The Egg Stage:  Is it just a thought or idea?
  2. The Larva Stage:  Do you need to make a decision?
  3. The Cocoon Stage:  Are you developing and doing something to make your idea a reality?
  4. The Re Birth Stage: Am I sharing my completed idea?

When you ask yourself these questions you can see how butterfly is relating to you at this moment.  These steps can be helpful when looking for clarity in your thinking process and can assist you in finding the next steps in your personal life or career.

hand with butterflies dreamstime_m_8935839 websizeA goal without a plan is a dream.  It starts with a decision to want to change, to have faith and trust in that decision and then commit to action that is in alignment to the outcome you desire.  Dream big, we are in an age to expect the unexpected and where anything is possible.  Move like butterfly towards your self transformation and sting like bee those limiting beliefs that try to test your faith in your ability to create anything you want.  You can do it, the time is now !



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