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Earth - Heart websizeChanges and challenges are facing many of us both personally and globally. Now, more than ever, it is important to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.  Energy is magnetic and what you are thinking and feeling will attract your experiences.  There are two types of energy, positive and negative.  Positive energy resonates to a high and light vibrational frequency and negative energy to a low and heavy vibrational frequency.

Our individual journey of self discovery is tied to the positive or negative vibration of our consciousness. Did you know that we are all so connected energetically that on a subconscious level we all know what each other is thinking?  Have you ever just known what someone was thinking about you?  That feeling of knowing what someone was thinking is the language of your intuition and your intuition was right.

I believe that opposites do not attract.  In the world of energy, it is impossible that a positive vibration can stay in the same space as negative vibration.  In other words, the positive energy of happiness cannot reside, at the same time, in the negative energy of sadness. At any given time, you are choosing what frequency you vibrate to with the thoughts you are thinking and therefore choosing the resulting positive or negative experiences.  Which vibration do you think you live with the most?  Take a look at your life and see the evidence; you are that powerful of a manifester.

One of the strongest, most effective things you can do when you are feeling the pull of fear, worry, guilt, anxiousness is to stay present.  The present is the only place that any change can happen and it offers real evidence of reality.  Staying grounded and not being seduced by the pull of fear is vital to your health and wellbeing.  Mindfulness means watching what you are thinking and feeling and acting to halt the low vibration thoughts that seek to create stories to justify your fear.

167230135“What if this happens” or “what if that happens” is a sign of the worry disease.  Worry does not heal, it just brings more to worry about.  When you catch yourself creating stories about a scary future for you, your children or the world, stop.   Unless you can predict the future, you are making it up.  It’s so important to be mindful of our thoughts so that we can catch ourselves trying to predict the future with “what if” stories.

The present is the only time you can take action.  The past is over and no longer accessible for you to make any changes to it.  The present decides your future, not the past.  Change your habit of dwelling on what is not working in your life and replace it by reminding yourself of all the good that is happening, right now, and focussing on it instead.

Use the challenges in your life as teachers and avoid being afraid of a tomorrow that is not here yet. When faced with a challenge, ask yourself, “What lesson do I need to learn from this in my life? Keep your options open and positive, knowing that your high vibration attracts only good things and those personal growth opportunities you are ready for and can handle.

I have co-created Sound Reiki®, a fast and powerful way to move your energy to a high, positive vibration and I’m teaching it, in person, on Saturday, Oct 7th and Oct 14 th at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario.

During these workshops you will:

  • receive group healing
  • learn how energy works and how to move it
  • learn some easy-to-use tools to help you attract more of what you want in your life
  • walk away with a technique to keep attracting more of what you want in your life

These two workshops make up Sound Reiki Level I and when you attend both, you will receive a certificate of completion.

I invite you to join us for our Level One Sound Reiki two-part certification workshop. Space is limited so book your seat now (details here)

Looking forward to meeting you!


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Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive, a vibrational sound healing expert and inspiring author of The SoulChild Within and lecturer. Wherever she goes, she sets the tone to the vibration of joy. Catherine is creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing, creator of the SoulChild™ Alignment Method and Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute. She is committed to your empowerment and positive life changes.



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