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I believe we are here to heal ourselves so that we may understand our Divine Purpose and restore our connection to each other, Mother Earth and to the Divine Oneness of All That Is. Living in harmony, love and compassion for each other and the Earth is our destiny. By removing distortions of all that separates us from each other and our Divine Source, we discover our Authentic Self, radiance in health and well being, and create a new way of living through Wholeness and sense of community.

The foundation of my work is a sound and light healing technology rooted in electro-tonal frequency vibrations which I express with my voice. I believe that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy. As an Ascension Master, my being resonates to the same vibration as the Divine Oneness of All That Is. The Divine Oneness is the spiritual Source of all Sources, the core of our being and I believe we are all connected to this Divine Vibration. I have been gifted with multidimensional tones that heal the human body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

My work addresses the root causes of dis-ease affecting the human body, the planet and the universal consciousness, blocking the ability for one to live to their highest possible reality and evolution.

The minimum requirement related to the effectiveness of my work is my client’s belief in a higher power that we are all connected to, even if they cannot put a name to it.

Using Quantum Physics of Sound this pioneering technique uses sound to restore health on a cellular level. Specializing in root causes of disease, this system traces diseased neuropathways back to their origin. Using electro-tonal frequency songs, this technique is able to correct the malfunctioning communication links within the nervous system and at its spiritual source.

Blocks are often a result of limiting beliefs created by trauma, karmic patterns or other sources, and may ultimately manifest in the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual body if not addressed. By healing these patterns, blocks are removed and the Divine Light within you increases.


  • your confidence increases
  • your decisions and choices become clearer and more in line with your personal truth.
  • you begin to attract the same people and experiences that resonate with your new light vibration
  • your ability to heal yourself increases

This is true because energy is magnetic, and like will attract like. Conversely, when you are filled with fear, anger, and low self esteem, the lower vibration, which you cannot hide, attracts more of the same in your life. All energy needs nourishment and it will be attracted to people and places to get it.

When you are moving more light into your being your world starts to shift. Those people, places and experiences that resonate to your light vibration will come forward to you. The people around you who are more negative or depressing will be less comfortable with your energy and move away. You will see what is energy draining in your life and have the strength and clarity to make any necessary changes.

You will find the Divine Sound and Light Healing technique transformational.


  • removing negative aspects bit by bit, restoring your being to 100% Divine Love and Light; your desired state.
  • creating clarity and moving you closer to your authentic self. This was our original state of being before we distorted the energy with experiences that created fear, anger, resentment and a mistrust of ourselves and each other.
  • anchoring this divine light through chakra healing.
  • releasing the negative affects of your past.
  • identifying and anchoring your core beliefs.

I see these last two areas as the greatest area of struggle and focus for people all over the world. The world is going through a cleansing and will soon ascend to another level of being. It is vital that we accelerate our own evolution. As a consciousness, each of us is making decisions to release every person, or experience that moves us off our Divine Path.

When we shift, the world shifts. The more we shift; your Divine Pathway is illuminated and aligned to Divine Truth and Love where anything is possible. Together, we will create One People, One Planet, and One Love.


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