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In 2007, I was guided toCathy Crop create the SoulChild™ Alignment Method. This is what my soon to be released book, The SoulChild Within, is based on. Over the past ten years I have created programs to teach others to become their best healer using the sound of their voice. I have been blessed to use my gifts to assist others in their healing and empower others to heal themselves and create a life they love.

So, what is a SoulChild™?

Well, let me take you back to the beginning. From a metaphysical perspective, I was searching for a way to get to the root of limiting beliefs which led me to investigate the popular idea of the inner child. Coming from a vibrational sound healing background I believe that thoughts and feelings have vibrational frequencies that directly affect the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit.  So limiting beliefs, like “I can’t trust anyone”, “I am not good enough” and fears such as a fear of failure or a fear of success, hold a low vibrational frequency and with energy being magnetic, like attracts like.

I was asking myself the question, how do those limiting beliefs get started in the first place? Why do we embrace fear and anger, the root of dis-ease? The frequency we hold onto, relating to those emotions, energetically attracts experiences that will appear to reinforce those beliefs. After time, they become convincing and become anchored in our psychology and physiology, potentially for years.

I wanted to create a healing method that would get to the root of issues for people that came from dysfunctional families or had challenging experiences growing up. This is where these blocks, in the form of limiting beliefs, seemed to start. I found that if these blocks are not healed prior to the age of 20, they would become the voice of reason taking you down a path of unhappiness and frustration as an adult. 89703013

I began to see a relationship between vibrational frequency, numerology, limiting beliefs, inner child psychology, and the Soul. I discovered that everyone goes through two repetitive cycles, one through childhood and the other through adolescence. I also discovered that each year, from the time in the womb to the age of nineteen, has an attribute associated with it that is essential to the positive development of our psychology and personality.

I intuitively understood, that in each year there is a part of our Soul, I call the SoulChild™, that emerges from our Soul to assist in the learning and the integration of these attributes in our mind, body and spirit as we grow up.  Unlike the traditional view of the wounded inner child, the SoulChild is never wounded no matter what the experience. When trauma arises and we embrace fear and anger those emotions become our thoughts, feelings and the corresponding actions. It is the adult self that holds on to these vibrations. When you hold onto those low vibration energies such as fear and anger, your ability to access the high vibration SoulChild that is a vital part of your Soul energy, is blocked.

The SoulChild is fine, it is a Divine part of you that is always resonating in Light and Love, always happy and knows all you can be.  After all, it is one of the best parts of you. It is not like an Angel working as a loving outside influence assisting you, but more like a loving Angel within you. The SoulChild is common to everyone. It is a part of our Soul that is activated when we are in the womb until we are nineteen years of age.  Our SoulChild assists with the development of the important attributes needed for our wholeness and harmony as adults.

When you can get to the root of when the dysfunctional thinking anchored, right down to the year and experience, you can look at it from a higher perspective and from there you will be free to:

  • understand your life lessons and make transformational soul shifts
  • heal your body’s symptoms by understanding their meaning
  • awaken from the constrictions of past conditioning and release anxieties and fears.

And that’s just the beginning……I can’t wait to share with you more about my power book The SoulChild Within over the coming weeks.

Ready now?

Challenge existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and develop new ones that serve your goals in a superior way. Contact me now at to book a powerful SoulChild healing session and get ready to change your thoughts and create a life you love.

Love and Light,


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