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In this energizing session, we will discuss the Chakras, Meridians, Axiatonal Lines and Energy Grids that flow through and surround the body.  Using sound healing, we will upgrade all participant’s Chakras, Meridians, Axiatonal Lines and Energy Grids and activate the 11th Chakra, a Chakra of self-mastery for the ascending human consciousness.

Our focus will be to:

  • explain the wellness benefits of Chakras and why it is essential they are operating at the highest possible Divine Light frequency
  • discuss the 8th Chakra activating the consciousness in your being that recognizes the Divine Oneness in All Things
  • talk about the 9th Chakra, an ethereal Chakra activating the consciousness of the Divine Universal Twin Flame (Soul Mate)
  • discuss the 10th Chakra, a Chakra of manifestation, discuss its purpose and how this unique energy can be used to create your highest possible Divine reality
  • activate the 11th Chakra, a new Chakra of Self Mastery heightening self-actualization and self-awareness

The workshop will conclude with a gratitude prayer and Attunement of the 11th Chakra.

The standalone workshop can be taken for general interest and is also worth one credit towards Sound Reiki Level One. When all 5 workshops have been completed you will achieve your Sound Reiki Level One Certificate, receive an Attunement to Sound Reiki and a certificate of completion.

Location:  Etobicoke, Ontario  Date:  September 26th, 2012     7-9pm

To register or for more information please call 416-255-9403 or email

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