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Did you know that at five you were learning about independence? Each year from childhood to adolescence has a spiritual inner child associated with it and how happy that child is happens to be directly proportionate to how happy you are as an adult.  The experiences we have in our childhood shape a lot of what we believe about life, the world and ourselves. They deeply influence our relationships with others, our self-esteem and our self-worth.  Join us for an insightful workshop learning about what each year of early life means and the influence of past hurts in the present.

Our focus will be to:

  • introduce the concept of Inner Children and the importance of their alignment to your adult self
  • learn about the significance of each year of childhood and adolescence, what you learned and what you are teaching your children
  • gain a better understanding of the impact of events from your childhood and their influence on your ability to move forward today

     Date:  July 11, 2012  7-9pm   Location:  Etobicoke, Ontario    Cost:  $50 

To register or for more information on the Self-Healing Workshop Series

please call 416-255-9403 or email

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