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StarsI would like to share the  latest astrological forecast from my friend, the gifted Yahaira Volpe of Sedona, Arizona.

The beautiful fall weather has finally arrived bringing cooler temps and lovely fall colors everywhere.

The Sun is now moving through the harmonious beauty seeking air sign Libra. The first week of October will thrust us forward with assertive energies available for any personal agendas at hand. The challenge is present to continue the work of transformation so keep on moving forward. Sun square Pluto can be very dynamic and full of power plays.

Align & Balance Stones balancing above hand dreamstime_m_284469This is a time to seek harmony and balance especially in social circles. The energy is lighter in that we seek lighter more whimsical social contacts. People with the Sun in Libra seek to be cooperative, team players and take impartial attitudes on subjects of interest.  They like to play along with the current trends as long as they are artistic or peace-loving. Libra would rather negotiate a peaceful resolution then to seek violence in conflicts that is why their symbol is the scales representing karmic justice. They are natural lawyers arbitrators they seek the challenge of a good quarrel and they win because they are great strategists. They will fight but only if it’s for the right principles. They are masters of persuasion and can influence most decisions at home or the work place. Libra is a very skillful air sign they work to influence others by the use of their superior intellect but in the most diplomatic ways. The Libra native wants relationships and works well with partners to create a fair and balanced productive partnership.  They flourish when they are involved in artistic projects or intellectually stimulating activities like puzzles or word games.  Happy Birthday Libra! This year will continue to provide you the energies and the impetus to strive move forward with your goals to maintain a handle on more freedom and power so use it wisely.

Mercury the trickster messenger of the Gods goes retrograde this month in the mysterious water sign Scorpio on Oct. 21rst until Nov.11th when it will turn direct motion still in the water sign Scorpio.  This transit of Mercury is good for research, investigations, using our intuition delving deeper into matters.

Our minds may be more inspired to thorough probing into subjects of interest. Keep out of sharp tongued debates which can be destructive during this time. As with all Mercury retrograde periods, it good to plan ahead for the unexpected, pace yourself with schedules which are likely to change and don’t sign any new contracts if you can avoid it because things will certainly go in different directions after the retrograde is over. Things break down only because they are in need of repair and Mercury the messenger delivers the message quite nicely or dramatically during this time it’s wise to fix things.

Venus the planet of love and values will shift into Sagittarius out of the deeper transformative waters of Scorpio where it’s been all of September. This planetary shift will help us focus more on our inspirational values concerning religious and philosophical beliefs. Romance is likely to be more about sharing similar beliefs that are futuristic. Finding time to go out either play sports or enjoy games is one of  Venus in Sagittarius pastimes.

Mars the planet thautumn leaves, reflecting in water, very shallow focusat determines our drives and strategies will move out of the fire sign Leo where it’s been transiting for the last month and will move into the critical and practical earth sign Virgo Oct.15th.  This means we will be able to get things done in a more practical way in October then we did in September as Leo is always about leadership and show whereas Virgo Mars is exacting and implementing the plan. Good energy for grounding this month!

Jupiter in the security seeking water sign Cancer and Saturn in the transformative water sign Scorpio trine one another to form a beneficial aspect to each other enhancing the flow of the ideas regarding wealth and abundance.  This is a positive arrangement as Jupiter rules wealth and faith and Saturn limitations, scarcity and lack. Early October shows a better time for the economy. Overall our faith that the future will be brighter is augured well in this month’s planetary arrangement.

 The Lunar Cycles for October

The New Moon in Libra occurs Oct. 4th a great weekend for getting out, shopping, socializing meeting new people and starting a new social network. This is a good time to start projects.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 11th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This is not a real socializing moon unless you are discussing business plans. A good time to analyze what is working and what isn’t and make plans to make changes cut your losses and move on.Gold Harvest Moon dreamstime_l_6220797

The Full Moon arrives Oct. 18th in the fire sign Aries. The Aries/Libra polarity will charge us to be social on this full moon go out and celebrate with team mates the uniqueness of each one.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 26th in the fun loving fire sign Leo. This is a good weekend to go out and have fun, play and or take advantage of the creative energies. The last quarter moon is good for finishing up projects and making decisions.

As always the stars may incline us towards certain directions by their alignments in the cosmos but we ultimately decide our own destiny by our free will.

Peace and Blessings


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