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StarsOctober is my favorite month of the year as the fall season brings in cooler temperatures and changes the natural landscape which appears to be painted with a myriad of beautiful colors. It’s a magical time as the psychic forces strengthen with the planets starting to transit through Scorpio at the end of the month.

The big shift is Mercury retrograde this month through the water sign Scorpio starting Sunday Oct. 5th and then shifting into air sign Libra until Oct. 26th when it will station direct motion again. This gives us time to review our communication and negotiation skills while Mercury moves through Libra as this sign emphasizes teamwork, cooperation and social outlets. Lunar and Solar Eclipse charge the energies this month for strong insights and challenges, depending on your chart.

The transiting Sun is now in Libra until Oct. 23rd. Libra is a positive, active assertive air sign. It lends communication and relatedness as it seeks to find balance, thus the maiden with the scales is one of the symbols associated with Libra. The symbol also represents the setting Sun expressing the balance between night and day, between self and others. While Libra is considered to have a positive polarity, it is ruled by Venus, the receptive planet of charm and beauty. Libra Sun signs idolize harmony and balance and are fearful of discord. Because of this fear they become pleasers or indecisive. They can try to control their reality by using their charm and beauty. If that fails then they can get really tough to deal with as they are known to show that they have” the iron hand in the velvet glove”. They can easily see the value of each point of view often because they do not hold a definite opinion of their own. In their search for balance, Libra Sun signs and Rising signs can strive to show both sides of an issue for the fun of the argument or debate. However they are usually easygoing, diplomatic, idealistic and romantic and have a refined physical appearance demonstrated by balanced facial features. They can be gullible, frivolous and flirtatious. Happy Birthday Libra! Those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 12th have been undergoing major changes and challenges to their ego desires as Uranus, planet of sudden unexpected changes, and Pluto, planet of transformation, death and rebirth, have been forming a challenging opposition and square, forming a cardinal T-square to Libra natives. In other words, take charge of your life direction and do not allow others to dictate your choices to you, step forward feeling empowered!

Planetary Transits

Sun in Libra conjoins Venus. Since Venus rules Libra, this aspect strengthens our leaning towards a strong focus on having harmony and balance with relationships, beautiful things, negotiations and for building team work.

Mercury, the tricmercurykster, is moving retrograde once again in water sign Scorpio where it was for a few days and then going back into Libra where it was all of September. This means that where ever you have Libra in your chart, this house will be activated by the retrograde. Retrograde periods are a great time for research, finishing up old projects and playing creatively with new ideas. It’s a time best used to go over projects not to launch new ones, for things may not go as you expect them to evolve. Therefore astrologers warn against signing major contracts that are binding since disagreements or miscommunications are likely. If machinery like cars and computers are about to break down, they will so you can fix them. That’s actually a nice thing to be warned in this way. Mercury does want things to flow efficiently since it is responsible for connecting all things on earth. Mercury goes retrograde Oct. 4th until Oct. 26th the week before and after the stations are the most compelling.

Mars, the fiery planet of action, war and strategies is moving through the fire sign Sagittarius where it focuses on new adventures, truth, foreign countries, philosophy and wisdom. It gives courage and the urge to act on ones convictions.

Jupiter continues its trek through the fire sign Leo where it focuses the energies for dramatic displays of one’s belief system. This placement helps us attune to our own self-esteem and find the will power to pursue our own course of action, however, be aware of arrogance, pomp and belligerence, some of the negative characteristics of Leo.

Saturn continues to cautiously move through the shadowy Scorpionic waters helping to bring to the surface old karmic patterns to realize and release any misappropriated guilt.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square off bringing in the energies for change, revolution, transformation and rebirth. Notice the formative steps this month in the negotiations towards new structures and paradigms with the world order leaders.

Neptune in its own psychic water sign Pisces increases our perception to feel and perceive the other realms and dimensions now available during this current “20:20” expansion of consciousness. Perhaps as we become more aware of our psychic abilities we can glean a world of better harmony. On another level this is an added frequency to our continuing evolvement through the “ascension” process towards spiritual aspirations individually and collectively.

The Lunar Cycle for October

The First Quarter Moon occurs October 1st in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. The transiting Moon squares the Libra Sun, energizing the forces towards taking decisive action on projects and plans. This will be an action packed day as the Moon conjoins Pluto intensifying our need for restructuring our lives.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs Oct. 8th in the impulsive fire sign Aries. The day will be full of aspects from105654612 the Moon to Pluto, Uranus, Sun, and Venus to Pluto and lastly Mars to Jupiter. This full Moon may be quite a challenging time with 6 planets involved in aspects. During the Full Moon it is best to spend time meditating, listening within to the small silent voice. Try not to get caught up in this day’s drama. Find time to celebrate the change in season, harvest what is left in your gardens and appreciate this earth we live with.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 15th in the emotional water sign Cancer. This could be a dreamy day where we may feel we just want to be comforted or comforting towards loved ones. Moon in Cancer gets us in touch with security issues and family concerns, it’s a good time to protect the nest.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse comes in on Oct. 23rd in the mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio. The Solar energy shifts into Scorpio which will lend intense focused energies. People may appear more quiet and intense as they withdraw into their own world in contrast to the previous month when Sun in Libra engaged us in fun, social engagements and merriment. The mysteries of the universe unfold before us; watch the night sky this night as the Orionids meteor showers may pass by you, ushering in a new beginning.

As always the planets can incline us towards a direction, but we ultimately make our own choices as to which direction is best for our evolution, so choose wisely.

Peace and blessings

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