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I would like to share the  latest astrological forecast from my friend, the gifted Yahaira Volpe of Sedona, Arizona.

autumn - summer snowball tree dreamstime_l_10406864We are in the middle of the Fall season which offers a myriad of colors as the leaves change and are cast back to the earth by the increasing of the colder winds. This is a time to clean up the gardens for the next spring season. This is the month for giving thanks and gratitude for the bounty and growth of the previous seasons. The Sun is moving through the mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio. This is a time of deep reflection on the mystery of life and death as we can regenerate from going within and arise from the darker depths with new inspiration and joy when the Sun enters Sagittarius later in the month.

Scorpio natives are very emotionally centered, somewhat quiet people who are industrious and rigorous in the pursuit of their passions. They are strong and powerful warriors giving the impression that they fear nothing as they pursue their work, mission, or ideals with vigorous and unyielding determination.

They are intense in every way. They are naturally intuitive and psychic personalities like detectives digging in deeply for theStar & Comet ID-100155866 truth and like the scorpion they can delve into the deeper depths of their human flaws in order to hide the shame and guilt of knowing that they are beings with primal instincts.  These primal powers can bestow upon them a great power for regeneration if they get sick. They love their material possessions and struggle with letting things go. They may hold grudges and hold onto misunderstandings  in a stubborn way and yet they can rise and fly like an eagle above the fray with keen insight into the truth about matters once they let go of their attachment to it, like when they hold power over other less powerful persons. They can be your best friend or worst enemy.  If they do trust you they are loyal and dedicated but watch out for the Scorpion sting, if they bottle up their anger they can be quiet, explosive and full of vengeance. At the heart of every Scorpio is the love of truth they will not pretend to be anything else but that awareness. Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is a powerful time for you as this month forces you to make changes and live a life in alignment with your heart’s truth –go forward with your profound courage and soar like the eagle to great heights! Freedom it is in the simple life.

This first week of November is going to be intense for most people with planets in Scorpio and or the ascendant due to the Solar Eclipse autumn leaves, reflecting in water, very shallow focusNew Moon on Nov. 3rd in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. Possible themes to the significant changes have been in the air for the last 3 months leading up to this eclipse and will continue to effect nativities whose planets are affected for the next 3 months after this eclipse. These eclipses occur yearly, usually in the spring and fall seasons. Saturn, the lord of karma and limitation, also joins in this eclipse point bringing serious decisions to be made, dealing with constraints and overcoming limitations. The North Node, also in Scorpio, will be part of this eclipse energy bringing in a sense of directional changes in one’s life not yet in this time frame very clear but this will sort itself out moving forward in the next 3 months. Current possible themes are:  transformation, intensity of purpose, letting go of the past sense of security in material things being that Taurus is in the opposite of Scorpio. Mercury still in retrograde, but turning direct on November 11th in the water sign Scorpio will further emphasize the energy of intense focus to delve within and going deeper probing the unfolding of the greater mystery to your inner puzzle as you a seek to integrate your energies.  Mercury retrograde can add a sense of crisis or confusion of thought and purpose to this eclipse energy so take a deep breath and wait for the energy to settle down in the following week when Mercury turns direct.

It is indeed a powerful new moon, use the energy to make great internal changes for the better.

The middle of the month should start to lighten up after Mercury goes direct and the transiting Sun moves into the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. All those plans you made in secret may very likely not hold water once the planets change from water to fire but perhaps no sooner than December.

Jupiter will also turn retrograde first week of November on the 7th. Jupiter retrograde in the water sign Cancer can help us increase our emotional security regarding family, and home life. Maternal instincts are likely to increase, watch for weight gain as you may seek out other forms of nurturance. Jupiter in Cancer is also concerned with the past history, paternal orders and the welfare of children. Wealth may increase in the markets that sell goods for the home, antiquities, and the sea, like cruises. Basically retrograde planets increase the energy of the signs the planets are transiting through in the zodiac.

Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo will trine later in the month. Both planets are in cardinal earth signs which can augur a real good use of our resources, practicality and orderliness to our values and actions this month.

The Uranus and Pluto square continues to bring change and disruption to our economic structures as the collective calls for innovative change to prevailing governmental structures.

Neptune continues its trek through the mystical water sign Pisces which it rules. This energy lends a more amorphous quality to early water sun signs bringing spiritual insights with a profound yearning for a spiritual life on this planet. Neptune will continue its transit through Pisces until 2026, we’ve yet to see the age of enlightenment triumph.

The Lunar Cycle for November

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon is in the intense water sign Scorpio on Nov. 3rd, an important beginning to this new cycle for growth and change. New moon cycles are the time to initiate projects and plans. Think or meditate on it before you leap while Mercury is still retrograde.

The First Quarter MooMoon half ID-100191559n in the fixed air sign Aquarius occurs Nov. 9th Pacific Time. This is the beginning phase of growth, it’s a great time to promote your humanitarian ideals. Aquarius likes to socialize in an impartial way seeking to share knowledge. This is a good time to study where your projects are going especially since Mercury turns direct on this weekend, however give it a week for things to get sorted out.

The Full Moon occurs Nov. 17th in the sensual and practical earth sign Taurus.  This full moon is significant in summing up the whole Scorpio phase we’ve moved through this last month. It’s good to center yourself through meditation and integrate the energies of change and letting go verses holding onto possessions or any type of fixed views that no longer serve your souls evolution.

Sun enters the fire sign Sagittarius and we shift into a new cycle November 21st.

The Last Quarter Moon ends the cycle on Nov. 25th in the meticulous earth sign Virgo. This is a good time to clean things up, organize your projects or plans and wait on the will of heaven for the next cycle of growth under the Sun in the inspiring fire sign Sagittarius as we prepare for the holidays ahead.

As always it is wiser to know the stars than to be ruled by them.

Peace and Blessings



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