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The fall season continues with the transiting Sun in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. This is the time of metamorphosis and transformation as nature withdraws and begins the process of hibernation. We see this change in the trees changing color and shedding their leaves in order to strengthen for the winter months ahead. We can gain wisdom from nature and honor our body’s natural instincts to rest and turn our attention inward. This is a great month to give thanks for all the growth gained this year.

This water sign ruled by Mars can increase our ability to pursue our activities with intensity and unrelenting drive. Scorpio delves deeper into the mysteries and occult meanings of life as it can be concerned with life, sex and death – the cycle of transformation and rebirth. Scorpio natives can be difficult to understand. They are very quiet and hold their opinions inwardly unless confronted; then they tell it like it is, no holding back, the sting can pierce, leaving their opponent dumbfounded. Scorpios crave intensity and drama yet they like to pursue their interests with purpose and intense drive. They are courageous and thorough as they have amazing innate power. They can be masters at whatever they turn their attention to. They may be busy with their own research into matters and hide their true feelings behind an iron mask. They can be curious and suspicious, able to ferret out the truth in most circumstances and cannot be swindled easily. They make selective friends and can be passionate lovers and or enemies. These folks can be protective, resourceful and vengeful if the need arises. Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Now that Saturn has passed over your Sun you should feel free from the burdens of the previous years. Mystical planet Neptune trines your Sun lending more spiritual vibes to your sense of Self. This can help point you in the right direction.

Mercury is traveling with the 457798769Sun in Scorpio intensifying our efforts to network around our focus. Mercury in Scorpio is intuitive, insightful and able to penetrate into the hidden nature of things. This is a good time for research and planning.

Venus and Mars continue to move in the practical and analytical earth sign Virgo and then shift into the air sign Libra around middle of the month. We get to have more harmony and balance this month and hopefully this brings an end to the self-centered critical energy that characterized the Virgo influence on both Venus and Mars especially noticeable around critical assessments of relationships. Venus rules Libra and this will help to soften and pick up the energy for harmonious interactions, a good time to socialize and network.

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will continue to increase in confidence and a pleasant time will be had as Jupiter, planet of benefits, continues to trek through Virgo. You may find yourself accomplishing a lot of work during this time Jupiter stays in Virgo. Work ethic and precision can go a long way.

Sunrise over the planet and satellites in space.Saturn, in the fire sign Sagittarius, continues to influence the Sun signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, in some challenging ways. This transit can strengthen your ego to face your reality with reserve knowing that whatever you do focus on you can get done leading to self-appreciation. Face your fears and know that you are being strengthened to be fearless. There is nothing like the Saturn-ian influence to inculcate discipline in those souls that need a dose of concentration. Often times folks can feel tired and dread all kinds of things when Saturn impacts their Sun. The fire signs Aries and Leo are also helped by Saturn this year.

The forces for renewal, change and inventiveness continue to prod us as Uranus in Aries continues to whip up some positive challenges to Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, to make the needed changes, and Pluto in Capricorn can challenge the earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, plus square Libra, and oppose Cancer. This will be a time of deep transformation, inner clearing and enlightenment if we choose to work with these forces which are challenging us to look at our beliefs in the light of a new world that is developing as we search for a wholesome vantage point to how this world is managed and by whom. How do we form heaven on earth? Creative forces are always present for us to solve our dilemmas.

The Lunar Cycle for November467608705

We ended another month with the Full Moon Oct. 27th in the earth sign Taurus. Now we are ending the lunar cycle with the Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Leo on Nov. 3rd. Leo likes to have fun, be creative and lead forward. The last quarter moon is always a good time to review your monthly activity and progress and clean up or make decisions as to what you will continue to carry forward when the New Moon starts a new cycle.

The New Moon occurs November 11th in the intense water sign Scorpio. A great time to start something new and charge ahead perhaps keeping your plans to yourself as Scorpio can influence our collective mood to be quiet yet busy with plans.

The First Quarter Moon occurs November 18th in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This is a good time to seek out others with similar interests and be objective towards those with different viewpoints. Moon in Aquarius can be good for intellectual rather than emotional motivations we can find our own uniqueness in a crowd. This is a time to put your plans into action and watch them grow.

The transiting Sun shifts into Sagittarius November 22nd and the energy changes once again as the fire signs always lifts us up after being emotionally centered while the Sun was in Scorpio. We can now pursue new perspectives, such as outdoor activities like sports, with vigor.

The Full Moon occurs November 25th in the curious air sign Gemini. The Sun has now shifted into happy go lucky Sagittarius, the energy will feel more enthusiastic and creative ideas will fill the air. This will be part of the holiday energy for US Thanksgiving so expect a good social time this Thanksgiving. You will enjoy socializing and entertainment.

And we finish another cycle. It is said that, “It is a wise man who follows the stars and a fool who is ruled by them.”

Happy Trails

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