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We recently met a gifted clairvoyant in Sedona, Arizona, Yahaira Volpe, and we would like to share her latest astrological forecast.

As we finish spring and start the summer season, June is a great month for graduations and celebrations. The seasons continue to cycle with regularity as Nature does maintain her balance. This month we will have the Summer Solstice on June 21st.  The Sun enters Cancer, a good time to enjoy family and  friends, the great outdoors and celebrate and cultivate gardens in appreciation of Gaia’s gifts to all that live on this planet.

Currently, the transiting Sun is moving through the witty air sign Gemini. This is a time to feel more lighthearted. Social events are encouraged by the Gemini influence which stirs our imaginations. We may feel a bit restless, perhaps craving new experiences and knowledge and yet able to adapt to changing situations.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins Castor and Pollux, which means they have two sides to their personality.  They work with duality, diversified action, intellectual drive, diffuse effort, dexterity, fluency and attitudes that are both flexible and skeptical. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which emphasizes communication. Gemini as a sun sign is versatile, witty, logical, inquisitive, spontaneous, and talkative. They can be restless, nervous, superficial and inconsistent.  Their goal is to balance the polarities of their minds. They crave knowledge and may have various plans going on at the same time.  Their incessant thirst for mental excitement may diffuse their ability to follow through with projects. Gemini learns easily and wants to know more, delving into information; Gemini doesn’t accept things at face value on the basis of popular opinion. They must find out for their selves the value of ideas in order to satisfy their logic and skepticism.  The Gemini personality gives the impression of being perpetually lighthearted and carefree. They charm, entertaining with cleverness and glibness. Intellectual and conversational skills are their two strongest assets.

Happy Birthday Gemini!  This year Jupiter continues to add opportunities to your plate. Stay open and aware of the myriad of information coming your way. June will give you a strong push forward as Mars conjoins your Sun.

Mercury retrograde begins June 27th in the water sign Cancer until July 21st. This is a good time to do research, finish up any old plans or projects or just go with the flow. Starting new projects doesn’t often go well as things may change rapidly after the retrograde is over. Schedules and traveling may encounter delays as misinformation abounds. Anything that is in need of maintenance or repair is likely to break down so this is a good time to repair things.

Mercury and Venus are both transiting in Cancer stirring up communication and flattery favoring the arts. This aspect is good for encouraging money making ideas. We may tend to put more energy into family dynamics while these two luminaries are conjunct this month.

Mars conjoins the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini this month lending an assertive push to ideas and plans. Communications are likely to be expansive and forceful.

Saturn continues its retrograde trek through the intense water sign Scorpio so if you have difficult karma coming up, know that Saturn is just isolating and pointing to limitations in order to help you cleanse and transform your being.

Uranus, the planet that brings about sudden changes, continues its trek in the pioneering fire sign Aries.

Aries folks are likely to be feeling the impromptu charge to their energy perhaps feeling really free and inventive during this time.

Neptune, the planet that seeks to lift our being towards a higher spirituality, continues its trek in its own sign Pisces, urging us to let go of the veils of delusion and deceptions. This transit does encourage spiritual insights, creative imagination and surrender to the way of compassion.  The sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are receiving the fullness of this planet especially those born in the early part of the sign.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to charge us with the desire to change and transform all structures of security which no longer serve us. Letting go of those paradigms of control and manipulation is the best way to patiently await the rebirth that is the result of  this process.

The Lunar Cycles for June

The New Moon occurs on June 8th in the curious air sign Gemini.  The air will be teaming with fresh ideas and restlessness. This lunation starts the cycle of activity for the next four weeks. This is the time to plan or launch your projects.

The First Quarter Moon occurs on Father’s Day, June 16th, in the analytical earth sign Virgo. This is a good day to plan all the details of your picnic, just don’t over plan all the details. Virgo encourages time spent out in nature. The first quarter of the moon is a good time to evaluate and analyze your plans and projects and do some fine tuning to them. This lunar energy is great for organization and cleaning things up.

The Full Moon occurs June 23rd in the ambitious and serious earth sign Capricorn. We may realize our limitations and search for more security by devising plans to that end result. This ambitious lunar energy can get us in touch with our inner security. Remember that all limitation is only in time and space if you allow it; reach out for the eternal light. Meditation and healing circles are great during the Full Moon phase.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 29th in the fires sign Aries. This will be a positively charged lunar phase as the Moon conjoins Uranus. This weekend will be fun and exciting, perhaps inventive. Try to ride the wave of new insights flooding your imagination. The Last Quarter Moon is a good time to re-evaluate the ongoing growth of your projects or work.

As always, the position of the planets and their aspects provides us with the energy to make choices to further our destiny.

Peace and Blessings


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