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Stars purpleBy Yahaira in Sedona, Arizona   The transiting Sun is in the air sign Gemini. This sign lends the energy for communications, thinking and networking. Gemini is a social air sign which stirs up the energy for excitement through curiosity, intellectual pursuits are strengthened and we are more likely to be imaginative and find ourselves restless, seeking to pursue new avenues.

Gemini Sun natives are witty, intellectual and fascinating with their mental brilliance. They see both sides to everything and are likely to be changeable, adaptable and talkative. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which makes them able to turn and shift as quickly as Mercury. This is the sign of the twins, Castor and Pollux; they represent two sides of one personality. They are adaptable people who love to communicate and entertain many ideas in a fun and entertaining way. Witty, versatile, logical, inquisitive and spontaneous is how these folks bring on their charm. However, they can be nervous, restless, superficial and inconsistent. This can make them appear elusive though they try to stay grounded. Happy Birthday Gemini! Mercury your ruler has been retrograding for a few weeks. Those born May 21st through June 12th may find themselves reviewing their identities and purpose in life more seriously as Saturn opposes Gemini in Sagittarius, this may be stressful for some.

The energy shifts mid-month as the transiting Sun moves into the water sign Cancer. June 21st is the Summer Solstice – the Sun reaches the zenith of its trek in the northern hemisphere and the increasing light starts to shorten, once again the cycles of the seasons are running in a regular manner.

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 12th. Give it a week for things to start to move in a regular fashion Love on the beach - Noppasinw - stretchagain. Mercury in Gemini is strong for communications, writing, intellectual pursuits.

Venus, the planet of love, will shift out of the water sign Cancer and into Leo on June 6th. We are more likely to want to entertain, socialize and be more daring to explore our desires. Mars, the planet of action, is moving through the versatile air sign Gemini and will conjoin with the Sun in Gemini. This aspect charges our purposes and actions with strategic designs for our intellectual and networking pursuits.

Jupiter, the planet that represents wisdom, expansion and spiritual growth, has been transiting in ardent Leo and continues to throw a beneficent aspect to our relationships and values as Venus joins the greater beneficent later in June giving benefits towards love and abundance especially to people with their Sun in the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Saturn, the planet that represents karma, restrictions and limitations, has been transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius where it is attuning our enthusiasm towards more ethical and religious considerations. Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio for the last time until Aug. 2nd. This can be a trying time for the water signs Scorpio and Taurus – those born late in Nov. and May. Saturn always brings caution, reaping of karma, and one can grow spiritually from the process of suffering.

Uranus continues to retrograde through the fire sign Aries causing some rebellion, impatience and sudden changes. It is still squaring Pluto in Capricorn and these two forces continue to influence new ideas, reforms and governmental structures.

Neptune in the water sign Pisces continues to influence all the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, helping these folks to attune to the more spiritual and imaginative side of life. Neptune in Pisces lifts us out of the mundane by enhancing meditation, psychic forces and imagination. The collective mind may seek greater solace through forms of faith and hopefulness.

The Lunar Cycle for June

480969803We start the month again with the Full Moon in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on June 2nd. This lunar phase stirs our minds more intellectually with passion for ideals. This lunation emphasizes the need for balance between what we know and what we would like to broaden in our perspectives.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 9th in the mystical water sign Pisces. A time to dream, our imagination is stirred and we can sense the spiritual side of our nature. Our sensitivity to music and other intangible forces can make us too emotional and susceptible to self-sacrificing tendencies. This can be a time to withdraw from the harsh world and develop compassion. The last quarter moon is a good time to finish projects and clear your space.

The New Moon occurs June 16th in the air sign Gemini. This new burst of energy is the start of this next lunar cycle to develop and grow your projects and plans. Gemini moon can make us more adaptable, talkative and changeable. People like to consider their ideas, plans and networking strategies.

The First Quarter Moon occurs in the air sign Libra on June 24th. This lunar phase helps us to boost our efforts and the energies available for decisions and re-designing our ideas and plans. Libra is a social sign aiding us with establishing more harmony within our relationships.

The celestial influences can provide us with the raw material to use our will and manifest our desires, hopes and dreams as opportunities to create abound by their configurations.

Peace and Blessings


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