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StarsI would like to share the  latest astrological forecast from my friend, the gifted Yahaira Volpe of Sedona, Arizona.

Summer starts out with powerful energies for inner work and finishing up old projects. The transiting Sun is now moving through the emotional water sign Cancer. This sign marks a time when we can benefit from out emotional, intuitive responses to our environment. We may find ourselves wanting to be protective of our family and friends and our personal security interests. This can be an imaginative time to play with possibilities for the future.

The Crab is descriptive of the protective and defensive qualities inherent in this sign. Cancer represents strong emotional drive, great sensitivity nurturing instincts, tenacious effort, impressionability and fluid or changeable attitudes. This is a highly intuitive sign bent upon caring for self and others they are the Nurtures. Persons born under this sign are imaginative, responsive sympathetic gentle and kind until they get anger and then the claw comes out. That’s when we see them as sharp-spoken, somewhat vindictive, shut down momentarily as they quietly brood over their hurts. They are forgiving but never forgetting.

Cancerians are somewhat retiring and unassuming though many develop a sophisticated mask to hide their inner insecurity and protect their emotional vulnerability. They are difficult to understand because their reactions depend upon their moods which can ebb and flow as they are ruled by the Moon.

They are warm and affectionate and self -sacrificing for their loved ones. Loyal and sentimental they remember the kindnesses others bestow upon them. They are non-combative by nature and do not like to argue or fight. They will resist passively rather than force a confrontation. They can be persistent and wear down their opponent by ignoring them so the opponent defers in time. They are masters of the art of spiritual Aikido.

Happy Birthday Cancer! This can be a trying time for you as Uranus the planet of change and revolution and Pluto the planet of transformation and rebirth make difficult aspects your Sun bringing forward the energies for dramatic change, renewal and rebirth. Use your vivid imagination to form those future forms you want to activate. A new persona is forming out of the chaos. Remember that behind each cloud is a silver lining.  There is much that will change this year as you motivate yourself to reach a new level of personal inner security. The future is indeed bright as beneficial Jupiter conjuncts your Sun adding by increasing your confidence and wisdom.

Mercury is once again moving in retrograde motion in the water sign Cancer from June 26 – July 21st. In Cancer Mercury operates to get us in touch with our past memories of our childhood, close relationships, home and country. We may find ourselves looking for security and trust in others. This period is good for research and study as we can absorb a lot of information before we move forward with our agendas after the retrograde. Any thing started under the retrograde will go in different directions so planning ahead can be difficult.  Mercury rules over how things come together and so if anything is about to break it will let you know what needs maintenance. Pace your schedules as traveling can encounter some hang ups.

Venus continues to trek through the ardent fire sign Leo making us generous or romantically inclined but watch for fixed attitudes on how things should be with the opposite sex.

Mars in the intellectual air sign Gemini gives an assertive restless energy as we move about pursuing our goals perhaps in too many directions. Mars will shift into the water sign Cancer towards the middle of the month toning down the energy from the intellectual to the emotional drives. However Mars will aspect Uranus and Pluto later in July and this may manifest as a positive energizing drive or disruptive depending on your state of mind as we seek security comfort and our emotions may color our objectivity.

Beneficial Jupiter the Guru of the planets is now moving through the water sign Cancer for the next year until July 2014. This is a major planetary shift as Jupiter does well in Cancer the sign of exaltation. We can expand and grow more profoundly through our feelings and intuition during this time as this planet can aid us to really get in touch with our innermost self thereby develop trust, faith and wisdom in these changing times.

Another major planetary shift this month is that Saturn will turn in direct motion on July 8th. Saturn’s retrograde phase represents a time to focus on what we must do like obligations and tasks so when it goes direct we are likely to make decisions that will affect the course of our lives for the next six months. Saturn is the serious stern planet that brings about growth through suffering like facing our limitations and fears something that causes our soul to grow. We can access our deeper primal fears and as we dig deeper into the source of our fears, breakthroughs can happen. Saturn in Scorpio can teach us a lesson in Karma that nothing goes unnoticed, we are responsible for the trials and tribulations we bring upon ourselves. Thus a deepening of our consciousness can occur that shows us how to take “right action” being responsible in a selfless way and not always for self -serving purposes. During this transit of Saturn through Scorpio we can really come to understand our own inner shadow.  This transit strongly affects the Sun signs: Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn continue to move in square aspect to one another bringing about the dynamic for rigorous and dramatic change to our every pattern. This restless energy may be difficult to handle as the world is affected by this planetary aspect. However Uranus in Aries promotes drives and inventive initiatives for more personal freedom. Pluto in Capricorn is creating upheavals within the governing structures and controls imposed upon us.  The Uranus station mid- July may stir a lot of erratic energies this station will impact the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. There is a new order forming out of the chaos. But for now it’s like a roller coaster ride. This aspect will continue until 2019. This may be felt as some kind of disconnection going on so stay centered.

The Lunar Cycle for July

The New Moon starts the month off to a fresh beginning on July 8th in the emotional water sign Cancer.

This can be a moody day as Saturn turns direct motion in mysterious water sign Scorpio. Go with the ebb and flow concentrate on the new possibilities of growth.

The First Quarter Moon occurs July 15th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This energy is good to evaluate were things are heading this month. The Libra Moon energy can stir up a lot of ideas for harmony and balance to your relationships and creative projects.

The Full Moon occurs July 22nd in the impersonal air sign Aquarius. The Sun has shifted into Leo and so this lunar phase puts us in touch with the personal and impersonal aspects of self. Are we here for the many or the one? A paradox yet finding balance between what one wants to do for self-expression within the matrix of the whole can bring about fulfillment and happiness.  Full Moon meditations or ceremonies are a great way to harness this energy.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 29th in the fixed practical earth sign Taurus. This is a good time to look at your productivity and evaluate the value of possessions in your life.

In this lunar cycle it is a good time to prune, cut out or give away what you are no longer using. Remember that the moon’s cycles represent the energy to grow things.

As always the stars may incline us towards certain directions by their alignments in the cosmos but we ultimately decide our own destiny so choose wisely.

Peace and Blessings



Image courtesy of “Bright Star” by Bulldogza


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