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470226553Mercury goes direct! The transiting Sun is now moving through the nurturing and security centered water sign Cancer. Happiness is family and home, for this energy compels us to feel our way through life in order to nurture our possessions, friends and family. The patriotism we express on the first of July for Canada and the fourth of July for the US, under the Cancer Sun, as these countries were born on these days, is one of Cancer’s qualities. Sympathy, fertility, family, home and the security of the nation are at the forefront of our collective intentions as Cancer Sun sign nations. The summer season has just started and family vacations are in order.

Cancer Sun sign people are sunny, happy go lucky and very helpful to all. They love to nurture things as if they are their own. Through their internal barometer to care and nurture they derive security within themselves. The outer shell of the crab represents the self-protective mechanism that surrounds the sensitive, intuitional inner core.

Cancer can appear to be quiet as they process life through their highly sensitive, intuitional, emotional body. Wearing masks is another way they protect themselves. At times it may appear to be a way of hiding their true inner feelings, but they just don’t want to hurt others. They are kind, gentle and seldom angry but when they are hurt that’s when the claw goes into action. Cancer Sun signs don’t readily reveal their true feelings as they fear disapproval causing them to be secretive. Warm and non-combative, they like to be self-sacrificing in love, loyal and sentimental.

Happy Birthday Cancer! These last few years transformative Pluto has been opposing your Sun, affecting your drive for power and authority. Progressive career moves will continue this year as you let go of anything that does not serve your greatest self-expression.

Planetary Influences for Julyfree water over rocks websize

Mercury, the magical trickster, goes direct July 1st and will continue its transit in the intellectual air sign Gemini, before shifting back into the water sign Cancer on July 13th. It takes about 5 days after the station for things to run smoothly. Expect the energy the first week of July to be irregular and full of surprises as Mercury starts to regain its rhythm around July 5th.

Saturn in intense water sign Scorpio will station direct July 22nd. This is an important station in that it sets the course of our decisions; what we will commit to for the next 6 months. Resolve important decisions around this date.

Venus, in the social air sign Gemini, will trine Mars which is in harmony-seeking air sign Libra (now coming out of the difficult square with Uranus and Pluto we had in late June). The ease and flow of the trine should bring about better communication energy especially for all types of relationships through midmonth.

The transiting Sun enters Leo July 23 and is conjoined by positive Jupiter, also in Leo, dramatizing and creating the energies for greater expansion of our creative energies. Watch out for ego-centric fixed opinions, self-aggrandizement, exaggerations and frustrations as Mars, moving into its own fixed sign Scorpio, will bring up some challenging conflicts to this aspect later in the month. The fixed Sun signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are most challenged with this later in the month.

Uranus which represents the forces of dramatic changes, erratic and eccentric energies, will also station retrograde on July 22nd, further ingraining our consciousness with new inspirations for growth and change until December 22nd, 2014.

The Lunar Cycle for July

The New Moon occurred June 27th in tmoon full ID-10082557he gentle nurturing water sign Cancer. A good time to initiate the things you feel you want to nurture this month.

The First Quarter Moon occurs July 5th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This energy encourages socializing, cooperation and teamwork. The Libra moon is great for entertaining guests, making art and seeing that all is in balance.

The Full Moon occurs July 12th in the ambitions earth sign Capricorn. This Sun and Moon opposition helps us to attune to what nurtures us and to plan and seek for more sustainable resources, both inner and material.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 18th in the fiery sign Aries. Decisions are likely to surround new initiatives; plans are shaped for the next step, and it is a good time to clean up whatever isn’t finished during this part of the lunar cycle.

As always the planets exert their influence by their celestial alignments around the zodiac, yet, as beings, we direct our free will to make the choice of how to use the energies. “It is a wise person who knows the stars, a fool who is ruled by them.”

Peace and Blessings

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