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Starsby Yahaira   We are halfway through the western zodiac in the northern hemisphere as the Sun moves through the emotional, intuitive water sign Cancer.  Summer is underway and once again the natural cycles continue.  As the Sun moves through Cancer, this can be a time of inner growth for us, as in nature, the earth expands and all the vegetation is given the opportunity to grow, stretch out and expand. Likewise we can grow and expand inwardly as nature encourages us to grow.

The water sign Cancer attunes our vibrations to be more inward and protective; like the crab which represents the hard shell protecting the inner vulnerability.  Cancer Sun signs are nurturing, sensitive folks who hide behind a sophisticated mask which allows them to hide their insecurities. They are conscientious, tenacious, and decisive once they feel they have the right course of action to follow. They are imaginative, responsive, sympathetic, gentle and kind except when they are hurt, then the Cancer “claw” goes into action. When they get angry, the Cancer Sun sign can be sharp spoken and momentarily vindictive but soon afterwards forgiving but seldom forgetting.  With their strong emotional drives they can get most tasks accomplished as long as they still care for them.  They may be hard to understand because their reactions depend on their moods and moody they can be. For them harmony can be attained by finding an outlet for them to understand their complex feelings, like meditation or any type of focused disciplined activity; this will help the tendency to be moody. They build their confidence through trial and error as they are self-centered preferring to find their own way. They tend to be non-combative; caring for others comes naturally to them as they like to protect the status quo. Quietly, they respond intuitively to the needs of others thus they make great hosts to any party.

470226553Happy Birthday Cancer! A new dawn is here for most of you as Uranus and Pluto have been sending major waves for change, revolution, evolution and renewal to your sense of self. Rather than cling to past security paradigms go with the flow as a more inventive life style can emerge out of this time of apparent chaos.

The planetary shift this month is Mars. In the intense water sign Scorpio it goes direct motion giving a push forward to our actions. It will form a beneficial trine aspect to its consort Venus who is moving through the water sign Cancer for the early part of July. But then Mercury and Venus moving ahead in Leo will square Mars in Scorpio later in July setting off some tensions particularly in communications and relationships.

Jupiter in Virgo with the North Node squares Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces retrograde. These planets are still forming a difficult T-square, emitting tensions and uncertainty whereby we are looking for practical ways to bring forth our vision of the future, still it may feel confusing.  The rise and fall of ideologies, personal and planetary, are undergoing a sort of analysis before we feel we have a better formula for growth through organized effort. This appears to be the “esoteric work” this summer.  Uranus the planet that represents change, chaos and revolution goes retrograde on July 30th at 24 degrees Aries affecting most Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives born later in their sign.  Planetary stations can bring about strong dramatic events and with Uranus in Aries there may be something that pushes change this month as Mars planet of action makes an in-conjunct aspect to Uranus. Expect something out of the blue around the middle of July. Good things come to those who know patience. When the planetary energies open up all things flow more easily.

The Lunar Cycles for July

The New Moon occurs July 4th in the tenacious water sign Cancer. Celebrations are likely to involve home, family and security issues as a new beginning is underway for us this year in the US with the elections happening in the fall. The fourth is the USA birthday – which is a Cancer Sun sign.  As a nation the US tends to want to protect family, home and country and ideally support that of our partner nations.

The First Quarter Moon occurs July 11th in the cardinal air sign Libra. Cancer Sun square Moon in Libra makes for action oriented decisions which are weighed carefully as Libra likes to maintain harmony and Cancer is sensitive to the feelings all around.  This is good time for decisions that are fair and just walk in balance.

The Full Moon occurs July 19th in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. We have the polarity of Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon. This can be a moody day though with some practical decisions or where action and feeling work together in a positive way. Full Moon meditations are a great way to use this energy to refine and clarify your plans before the next lunar cycle starts. Keywords are: cleanse and integrate the polar opposites of what you feel during the full Moon.

The transiting Sun shifts into its own sign Leo on July 22nd shifting the energy from the intuitive water sign Cancer with its nurturing and protective characteristics to the fire sign Leo with its solar independent individual spirit. We are at the zenith of our summer soon the energy will fall in September.

The Last Quarter Moon falls on July 26th in the materialistic practical earth sign Taurus. Though Taurus is a lover of beauty and comfort this may be the time you decide what to keep going for the next cycle of growth, edit your stuff wisely.

The stars can incline the flow of our energy but we make the choices to direct the flow.

Peace and Blessings

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