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ID-100224512 2014 by Idea goHappy New Year! The year 2014 resonates to the number 7 in numerology, the number of perfection. Each year we share a universal vibration that is added to our birth year vibration therefore we have a change in the energy and forces that are available to us. The vibration of the number 7 is characteristic of the non-conformist, introspective and independent energy of the mind that through quiet analysis or resting we can perfect and order our reality. Last year under the 6 we re-gained some balance and security, now we get to analyze our order and make it better.

The New Year starts off with New Moon energy in Capricorn.  This is a positive way to start the month since the new moon phase is the time to start things, to be inspired and, in the ambitious practical earth sign Capricorn, plans should go well this month. Your New Years’ resolutions are likely to stick.

The Sun is transiting now through the earth sign Capricorn and will shift into Aquarius on Jan. 19th.

Capricorn Sun sign natives are earthy and outgoing in a practical business-like way.  Ruled by Saturn, they appear to be older or serious when children and younger and bright as they grow older. Capricorn learns early in life that life is serious business. Many shoulder heavy responsibilities early in life so they learn early in life to pursue their ambitions. Their symbol is the half goat with fish tails which represents their ambition to reach for greater heights and yet be very sensitive, psychic and compassionate. They are able to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and get their work done.

Even in the face of really harsh hardships, and most Caps have seen a few in their lives, they climb and forge ahead, overcoming their limitations once they recognize their fears.  This helps them to open up and see themselves in a new light, one in that they are responsible for their own karma and that is what they are up-leveling. They can be stubborn, clinging to the everyday routine that gives them a sense of security or they can be free and searching for greater heights or pastures to develop their ambitious plans once they are free of fear. They seek to perfect themselves through quiet analysis and can be patient and unchanging for decades then, after middle age, re-charge and grow younger rather than older.

They are reliable and persistent, never giving up; they are great planners but must learn patience, all things in time. As with most sun signs they too have their darker side. They can be security driven trying to overcome their fears as they resort to manipulative and controlling behaviors-fear is the obstacle to overcome as they try to climb their mountain. Once they understand that, their climb is made easier and the universe opens up.  Happy Birthday Capricorn!

For those of you born between Dec. 21 and Jan. 5th, this year will have dramatic changes and perhaps shocks to your sense of security or reality, with Uranus squaring your sun and Pluto going over it. The theme of changing and inventing brings you into a new paradigm as the old one fades and dies with time. Necessity is the mother of invention. Keep moving forward, don’t look back and stay independent. A free spirit is one who knows that Source is the only security in life we’ve got – keep climbing.

The planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all moving through the practical and ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This focuses the energy for most of the first half of the month on our ambitions and an analysis of where our values lie. Venus moves retrograde through Capricorn and Jupiter in the opposite sign Cancer is also retrograde, this may affect us negatively if we choose to believe in limitations, yet retrograde planets tend to strengthen our energy and reserves. This can have positive results by next month when Venus moves in direct motion on February 1st.  Keep in mind that Venus/Pluto conjunction and Uranus and Mars squaring at the end of the month will rock us out of any self- indulgent – lazy attitudes.

With most of theID-10063119 Moon by Salvatore Vuono planets in cardinal signs the month will prove to be action packed. Some probable themes this month to overcome are  fear about finances, security, tradition, ambitions to get ahead through materialism vs safety, security, patriotism, family and the integrity of these systems.  The Venus/Jupiter opposition challenges the current paradigms or at least our philosophy about them. The question is, are they really productive and creative for the good of the whole or just a waste of time? The winter season is a good time to evaluate, refine and prepare the ground to birth new things in the spring.

Old planet Saturn continues its trek in the last degrees of Scorpio where it has been transiting for the last year and a half. It will shift into Sagittarius Dec. 24, 2014. Those Scorpio natives born Nov. 10th through the 20th will feel its impact this year. Saturn brings lessons, and casts a somber shadow to the areas in our lives which need to be released because they are our limitations and fears. The keyword this year is all things will pass. After we recognize these limitations we can emerge strengthened and more solid after this transit of Saturn’s.

Neptune continues its trek through Pisces increasing our psychic senses for we are becoming more telepathic in this Age of Aquarius.  Any areas in your life that Neptune touches tend to deepen your spiritual growth through confusion and deception on one side and inspiration and compassion on the other.

Yet find ways to express your inner light and you will find more ease on your path.

The Lunar Cycle for January

The New Moon starts the month off with the cardinal action seeking earth sign Capricorn lending brilliant energy to start new projects and plans. New Year’s resolutions should be successful this month.

The First Quarter Moon occurs at 17 degrees Aries, charging forward with independence may be the theme today, although new plans may be slightly halted due to Moon squaring all those retrograde planets.  Yet Venus and Mercury in Capricorn conjunction is good for new ideas; timing is everything.

The Full Moon occurs Jan. 15th in the cardinal sign Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn. This day may prove to be very insightful due to the analysis of the polarity presented by these two signs. Cancer is nurturing and protective in an emotional way while Capricorn is nurturing in a practical way, being reserved and cautious. The Full Moon will trine Saturn giving us some security to move forward with a sense of strength and discipline.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs on Jan. 23rd in the fixed water sign Scorpio. Now that the Sun is transiting in Aquarius we begin to get action along the lines of challenges to our fixed notions those which need to be changed if we are to grow. This is the summing up Moon, do take stock, evaluate how things are growing, organize and get ready for the new burst of energy in the next lunar cycle.

The New Moon occurs Jan. 30th in the humanitarian fixed air sign Aquarius. Aquarius being an air sign allows us to view realID-1001720 Horse by bk imagesity in an objective, almost scientific way, like through a lens. Patterns emerge and we can start a new process, especially with values, now that Venus will shift into direct motion on Jan. 31st. The Chinese New Year brings the energy of the Horse. As they are lucky it’s a positive omen for 2014.

As always, the stars incline us towards a direction yet we are the deciders of our destiny.

Peace and Blessings


Images courtesy of

“Starry Night Sky” by Samarttiw

“2014”  by Idea go

“Moon” by Salvatore Vuono

“Horse” by BK Images

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