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StarsThe winter season continues with the Sun in the positive, fixed-air sign, Aquarius. This month we may be influenced by the unusual and erratic energies of Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus, plus Mercury retrograde, for things could be problematic, confusing or on hold during this time. If anything needs to be repaired it will certainly break down under the influence of Mercury retrograde. We may thirst for the unusual as we gather new information about the changing world around us. Reality may seem focused through a weird lens. This may be experienced as in seeking unconventional information, entertaining new ways of understanding life, taking road trips to different places, cultivating new friendships and weird weather patterns.

Perhaps our sense of humanity and compassion will be aroused during this time; giving away things we don’t use, being responsible for community projects or making extra efforts to get involved, as these are Aquarian inspired behaviors. If you think you know what this sign means or what Aquarians are like, look again for they will surprise you every time. I believe the Age of Aquarius started in the mid 1840’s. David Williams makes a good point for this assertion due to the inventions, social changes and ongoing Big Brother type controls we are experiencing combined with the advent of the internet pulling 177273567everyone into a global economy. Their symbol glyph looks like electro-magnetic waves being poured out by an angel; most representative of the Age of Aquarius as we continue to pursue energy in the various manifestations that are being cultivated and invented as we are share knowledge in the form of energy.

Aquarian sun sign natives are altruistic, intellectual, rebellious, independent and unconventional. They are curious about everything and everyone and make everyone their friend. Exciting and interesting folks they are, yet, each time you try to understand them, they change by focusing their attention no closer than the next galaxy. Aquarians sun signs are a walking paradox to try and understand. They see themselves as open and yet don’t see that they are very fixed in their views and quite opinionated because this sign is co-ruled by Saturn (planet of limitation) and Uranus (planet of change and revolutions). These natives are always at odds with themselves and others; they can be either open or harsh. Aquarians are never quite satisfied with the status quo and want to reform and change things. They brilliantly demonstrate ideas that are ahead of the times and are often futurists in their views. These natives are a friend to everyone, caring and compassionate but in an impersonal way they remain detached and somehow appear lonely and misunderstood. They prefer not to attach themselves to others emotionally and view their relationships and activities from an impersonal, intellectual standpoint.

Happy Birthday Aquarius! Those of you who were born between Feb. 9th -18th will be feeling Saturn’s influence this year. That means some action or decisions due to heavy responsibilities, hard work, or trying to get out from under pressure. This year will be challenging for most, hang in there. You often learn from life’s austerities and rise up a stronger person; freedom versus limitations is the challenge for this year.

459900217The transiting Sun will shift into the imaginative water sign Pisces on February 18th and the quality of the month’s energy shifts our focus to a more intuitive and imaginative mindset, full of mood swings, especially around material security. This can be overcome by faith in an abundant universe – the lesson of Pisces.

The planetary energies are changing as Venus, who has been retrograding through the serious earth sign Capricorn, turns direct motion. This will bring about a turn in the affairs of most people in relationships that have been going through difficult times. Some people are being pulled apart while others have re-evaluated the purpose of their connections and/or affiliations and recommitted. This time has caused most of us who are conscious and aware to really get to a deeper understanding of value in our lives. Venus in Capricorn tends to be fear and security based about the future, not recognizing the limitations of their values yet, through the commitments to those they do value, they find some type of security and longevity. Venus will shift out of Capricorn into freedom seeking Aquarius in early March. Mars, now transiting through Libra, focuses our energies on being just and fair in our dealings with others; watch out for difficult connections at the end of the month as Venus and Mars square causing some friction.

Mercury, currently in the mystical water sign Pisces, goes retrograde Feb. 7th and will turn direct March 1st in Aquarius. While Mercury is retrograde we may wander in suspension about our new plans or projects, questioning where everything is going, with no real tangible clue in sight. Yet retrograde periods are a great time for research, study, having fun being playful and it’s a good time to finish up old projects or be spirited with new things that are in the inventive or research stage. Mercury will back up into Aquarius Feb. 13th. This planetary transit will color the energy towards the erratic and unusual so expect the unexpected, things can go in different directions. Keep plans flexible and go with the flow as this is the best way handle this passage. Pace yourself when keeping to schedules or while traveling. Give yourself plenty of time to get things done, stay flexible with yourself and others as Mercury will test our patience.

Jupiter the planet of wealth and abundance, expansion and growth, wisdom and spirituality will continue its retrograde trek until March 6th in the water sign Cancer where it has been transiting for the last couple of months. In this water sign, it deepens our sense of comfort, nurturance, dedication to family and country. Water signs deepen our connection to life through our feelings and emotions. Therefore we are growing in this capacity despite the way things may look on the surface. After March the forces of expansion will proceed with the gathered insight which Jupiter retrograde developed in our higher mind, we can move forward especially around the spring equinox.

Saturn the planet of restrictions and limitation, father of Karma, of time; continues its transit in the intense emotional water sign Scorpio. If you were born in the early to mid -part of November you will be passing through some difficulties this year as Saturn transits over your Sun. It will bring heavy lessons in those areas of your life where you feel limited or burdened. Go within and listen to how you can change things and be your own authority.

Uranus and Pluto, in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn, continue to transit in the difficult square to each other, bringing challenges, changes, disruptions, earth changes, rebellion, death and regeneration to us all; we must change as our world is changing giving up the old paradigms of security and control.

Neptune, the planet that either spiritualizes everything it touches or creates fog, continues to transit through its own sign Pisces heralding in the spiritual energies that help lift us up out of the messy mire into the musical, artistic, poetic, imagistic and very sensitive psychic realms. If you are artistic use the energy to create with, otherwise see this world as a beautiful illusion and as Meher Baba said, “Don’t worry, be happy”.

The Lunar Cycle for February480969803

The energy starts to build the first week of February as the First Quarter Moon occurs on Feb. 6th in the fixed earth sign Taurus. This energy is great for appreciating your possessions, tastes and love life. Venus rules Taurus making for a security minded day.

The Full Moon occurs in the fixed fire sign Leo on Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day. Leo loves to go out and party, have fun and enjoy the limelight. This full moon can be a good time for socializing and keeping life light.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 22nd in the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. We may feel idealistic, encouraged and free from burdens today. This is a good time to reap what you have sown, so go ahead and clean, organize and get ready for more exciting challenges in the new moon cycle coming Feb. 28th, in the water sign Pisces, as Mercury goes direct motion on this day and we end and begin another lunar cycle to grow our desires and purposes.

As always we are influenced by the stars yet we are the deciders who harness the energies as we create our own reality.

Peace and blessings


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