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This winter has come in with all kinds of turbulent weather; perhaps due to Uranus/Pluto square so continue to expect the 480981585unexpected.  A  Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th in Leo will bring about a strong Full Moon this month affecting Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs. The Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th in the water sign Pisces starts the finish line for winter. Expect a great awakening on Solar Eclipse day especially for Pisces Sun signs.

The Sun in Aquarius fosters the energies for the new and innovative. It is a positive outgoing energy concerned with sharing knowledge as that is their way of showing compassion. The glyph symbolizes electro- magnetic energy being poured outward.

Aquarian Sun signs carry the message where ever they find a listening ear. Their positive outlook adds excitement and progressive outlooks are the norm for this Sun sign.  Aquarians are loving, original, inventive, and caring but with detachment as objectivity is their goal. Freedom of expression is close to their hearts and minds especially in relationships they must have room to do their own thing. The Uranian energies that rule this sign may cause them to be erratic, inconsistent and self-absorbed. They view their relationships and activities from an impersonal intellectual standpoint.  They are fascinated by that which is different and tend to choose professions that enable they to do their own thing. They like to experiment with ideas, gadgets and original designs. Some prefer to act in the political arena to help guide humanity. This sign has ruler-ship over applied scientific technology and positive occultism in conjunction with its planetary ruler Uranus.  A good color for Aquarius is a shimmering electric blue and the gemstone is the Sapphire.  Happy Birthday Aquarius! In the last few years, Uranus your ruler has been in conjunct to your Sun. It’s been a ride, some of it bringing strong change and an awakened consciousness.  Some may be having electro- magnetic changes to their bodies, inspired visions and flashes of insight; do find ways to ground yourself during this time of erratic change and evolution.

Planetary Transit

Mercury is direct and has been in practical yet ambitious earth sign Capricorn it will move into Aquarius Feb. 7th where it brings in more objectivity to our thoughts and sparks inventiveness and fosters humanitarian energies with relationships.

Venus planet of love and values moves into Aries ending the emotional ups and downs of the last month and brings in the charging, passionate nature of this fire sign. Look first and think before you jump to conclusions this month as Mars planet of action is also transiting through Aries which it rules so this can be a powerful time for actions that are Spartan in essence.

Jupiter, the great benefic, turns retrograde Feb. 6th in the justice and harmony seeking sign Libra until June 10th when it turns direct at 13 degrees Libra.  Consider this a time of great inner growth and expansion for the more philosophically minded. Our direction in how we consider and weigh the details of our relations will hopefully grow more wisdom and faith which Jupiter rules. A good aspect for the air Sun signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Saturn planet that represents Karma, restrictions, limitations and how we approach the obstacles in life continues its trek in the fire sign Sagittarius between 24-26 degrees it’s almost at the end of this sign this year. However, we continue to work with the energies of Sagittarius which helps to inspire conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious view based on traditional concepts. The moralistic and limited views of the past have resurfaced creating obstacles that challenge our collective today.  Psychologically, Saturn represents the shadow self. Whichever house in your natal chart where Sagittarius is placed will continue to bring you your greatest challenges this year to overcome fears.  Sun signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the pressure more than other signs.

Uranus planet of electric change, revolution, upheavals continues in the fire sign Aries ushering in the new and initiating flashes of insight as to how and where to assert ones independence.  We may look for freedom but not at any price-patience is warranted.

Pluto in Capricorn has been busy showing us the need to regenerate our systems of government, order and structures that hold our system together until 2024 as we usher in a new world order. The last time we had Pluto in Capricorn was during the American Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Since that time we are now globally interconnected thus a new way will emerge.

The Lunar Cycle for February

The lunar cycle determines the stages of growth during the month; we start this month with the First Quarter Moon in the practical security minded earth sign Taurus on Feb. 3rd.  This is a good time to grow your plans and projects and to start your seeds indoor.   Taurus does not like change so clinging to one’s ideas of security may be the norm – appreciate and enjoy what you have.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign Leo Feb. 10th. This is a good day to look at your ambitions and your personal expression within the whole of the collective. Eclipse energy can set off many changes for those with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  This is a good time to evaluate.

The Last Quarter Moon issues in the ending cycle of growth for this month. The Moon in Sagittarius inspires adventure, freedom of thought, outgoing and idealistic feelings.  This may be a restless day as the Sun enters into the mystical water sign Pisces. A heightened imagination and sensitivity to our surroundings is in store for this day.

The month ends bursting with energy as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the water sign Pisces occurs Feb. 26th.  This eclipse may start a new cycle of activity but it’s not always a good time to start a new venture on the time of the eclipse as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth. The times occurring are Pacific at 6:58 am and Eastern at 9:58 am.  Some people are affected positive or negative by the eclipse.

Astrology shows the energies that are available; we get to choose how to work with them!
Peace and Blessings

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