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The fall season haBerries ID-1006795 (2)s been absolutely beautiful out here in Arizona. The mountain landscape has had many beautiful shades of yellow, ochre, gold and green.

The transiting Sun is moving through the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. This fire sign is ruled by Jupiter which brings into focus the energy of expansion, growth, wealth, wisdom and philosophy. This is an inspirational time right before we have the winter Solstice and move into the ambitious yet practical earth sign Capricorn. The old traditions elaborate upon this theme of faith, hope, thanks giving and honoring our planet and stars during this time by offering colored flickering lights, candle lights, natural decorations made from pines, trees, acorns and berries, symbols of the everlasting abundant green that mother earth goddess that has always provided for our earthly experience.

It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Sagittarius Sun signs are generally very optimistic, forward moving enthusiastic souls wanting to reach their highest goals and there are many goals.

         "Universe" by Salvatore Vuono

by Salvatore Vuono

This mutable fire sign is representative of zealous action, idealistic drive, eager effort, positive thought, adventurous spirit and a philosophical attitude. Sagittarius love to think about religious, spiritual and moral concepts. Sagittarians are born Nov. 22 – Dec.21. These are high-minded individuals who can be honest and straightforward. They are seekers of the truth in the most profound sense and speak the truth as they believe it to be. They see things in broad terms but do not delve into the specifics of those things, they let someone else do it. They cause problems for themselves because they are in such a hurry to run to the next idea or goal without fully exploring and deepening their understanding, this is where they run into problems. They are eager to get ahead and to have success by their own efforts. They are free spirits who refuse to be beholden to anyone for their success. They will boldly tell you exactly what they think without regard to social mores. If they are offended they will tell you why but in a very philosophical tone as they are aware that all experiences are for the growth and expansion of their mind. Sagittarius loves travel, adventure and exploration – they are not good at getting tied down. If they are married they often make plans on their own just to show they are free spirits. They love to be versatile doing different things not liking any stick-in-the mud routines. Life must be intellectually and passion stimulating for these folks to be happy. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Uranus the planet that brings revolution, change and invention is in the fire sign Aries forming a beneficial trine to your Sun this year which will bring you opportunities to forge ahead with your plans for a more inspiring future. Don’t hold onto the past security as your confidence will continue to expand next year as Jupiter your ruling planet moves out of the security seeking water sign Cancer and into the confident fire sign Leo.

The transiting planets that are trekking through Sagittarius: Sun and Mercury together bring about a lively intellectual focus to the energy for most of the month until Dec. 22nd. The energy shifts when the Sun and Mercury, which follows into the serious and somber earth Capricorn now, will turn retrograde Dec. 21 right at the  powerful Solstice time. As the Sun enters Capricorn we’ll feel the shift of energies. Venus in Capricorn is concerned with practical, conservative tastes, cautious and fearful of letting go of the much estimated security we cling to. This energy is likely to continue to put a fearful caste on the current economic woes but coming up we will have challenging changes to our values as we will have a grand square involving Mars in Libra the diplomat, Jupiter the minister in security based water Cancer protective energies, Pluto the transformer in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries initiating pioneering inventive insights as it stations direct motion on Dec. 18th right after the Full Moon, forming a grand cardinal cross – therefore expect unexpected changes, challenges, inventive, transformative energies to fill the air of course we each will express this as we define the changes in our value system. The right course of action is determined best by the individual.

Overall, I see this energy as constructive changes for the good including the passage of ISON which is feeding into some of this planetary change but I always wait to see the collective response come January.

As the Winter Solstice occurs December 21st and the Sun enters 0 degrees Capricorn we finish the cardinal cross, ushering in the season of rest for nature in the northern hemisphere. This is a good time to follow your internal clock by turning inward and working on your inner light during the winter season, every season has its virtue. The winter season can help us simplify and decide what is really important in life.

The Lunar Cycle for December

The New Moon ushers in the month on Dec. 2nd for the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. The new moon is in the sign Capricorn and its back to business. Our energies will go from outward expansion, optimism and joy of sharing our faith in Sagittarius towards the inner separateness and calculating privacy of Capricorn. These two signs are opposite in their expression of energy, their nature being polar opposite yin for Capricorn and yang for Sagittarius.

A greater astrological pattern occurs mid–December, a cardinal grand cross involving Venus, Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Venus transits through the cautious earth sign phases, the time to begin projects, state new intentions and put your will power into them. Sagittarius can be a restless energy yet great to put your inspirations into some type of form or structure – remember to follow through.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 9th in the imaginative and mystical water sign Pisces. This is a sensitive moon, perhaps we may seek to retire to our inner self and use the energy for creative visualization. Feelings are important to realize the state of one’s inner environment. This can be a dreamy astral day so back off pushing things forward and rather let them flow into place.moon full ID-10082557

The Full Moon occurs December 17 in the curious air sign Gemini. This is a great time to get out, socialize and network under this chatty moon energy. Holiday parties should go well under this influence.

The Last Quarter Moon happens on December 25th in the social air sign Libra. This moon will help with the holiday social parties and celebrations. Libra loves to party and set the stage for harmony and balance with communications. This will end the monthly cycle but also this yearly cycle as we clean up and sift and sort through what to bring forward into the New Year. Coincidentally this will be the beginning of a new lunar cycle for the coming year so it will feel like a new beginning on New Year’s Day.

As always the stars may incline us towards certain directions by their alignments in the cosmos but we ultimately decide our own destiny to choose wisely.

Peace and blessings

Yahaira Volpe

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