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Stars night sky josep-castells-23322The fall season concludes this month with the Sun transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius.  Enthusiasm, ideal, creative self- expression, joviality, expansiveness and traveling are all of the hallmarks of this sign. People are more in the mood to be outgoing, look for fun, and freedom to roam the fields of life. Sagittarian exuberance is in the air. Take in the beauty of nature’s abundant bouquet of colors.

Sagittarians, in this fire Sun sign, are outgoing, have a sunny disposition, opinionated, sincere and versatile open-minded individuals. They love to share ideas and ideals on any subject as they are friendly folks. Some are at times capricious, irresponsible and can be tactless with their opinions and ride the high horse; however, they love to be encouraging to others. These freedom-loving individuals love to travel and are always up for an adventure, especially outdoors. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Now that Saturn is finishing up its transit through your Sun sign you may find that the burdens of the last 2 years are lifting and some of you may have been strengthened by the transit. More benefits will come in 2018 when Jupiter the ruler of your sign transits through Sagittarius.

Planetary Transits for December

The first of December starts this weekend with the energy building up to the Full Moon in the air sign Gemini. This can make for a good social weekend, Mercury the trickster of the planets stations retrograde this Sunday through Dec. 3rd through Dec. 22nd when it will move direct, still in the fire sign Sagittarius. During Mercury retrograde periods, its best to pace yourself, allowing for things to slow down. Things can break down, so it’s a good time to be on the lookout for this; often computers have problems running smoothly. This can be a great time for research, finishing up projects, and it lends creativity to most projects.   Since Jupiter rules this sign the next 3 weeks can be fun, jovial, and optimistic. Also Venus and Saturn transit through this sign until around the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st when the Sun shifts into Capricorn an earth sign. We can celebrate with Solstice ceremonies and prayers for the return of the Sunlight as we traditionally observe the Yuletide.

The first week starting Dec. 4th begins with the Last Quarter Moon in the practical earth sign Virgo. This is a good time to finish up projects during this week and make ready for the New Moon on Dec. 17th.  Mars shifts into its own sign Scorpio on Dec. 9th, lending more movement and persistent energy this month.

The second week starting Dec. 11th looks good and energetic towards the 17th when we have the New Moon energy charging things up in the fire sign Sagittarius on Sunday, Dec. 17th. You may feel really enthusiastic;  plan carefully as Mercury is retrograde so launching any new plans or commitments may change later after the Dec. 23rd.

The third week starting Dec.18th we get two big shifts in the energy. Saturn moves into its own sign Capricorn and this transit will deliver the reality check due to the last week of revelations while Saturn conjoined the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Perhaps those sensitive to the energy may have felt a lot of negative vibrations for a few days then a release. New energy is possible now in a real grounded way. The Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st when the Sun shifts into Capricorn and will conjoin with Saturn can make for a crystallization of our challenges and obstacles. This aspect can generate ambition coupled with the discipline to carry things through with an objective conscience. More changes are underway as material aspects will come under renewal as Saturn moves through Capricorn and conjoins with transformative Pluto also in Capricorn by the end of 2018. Perhaps we will see changes in the structures of power during this coming year.

Mercury goes direct Dec. 22 and the normal pace in our affairs will start to pick up. The holiday weekend can be a time of sensitiveness, generosity and good for faith, meditation, and prayer while the Moon is in Pisces. This can be a good time to review and partake of the spirit of giving and sharing this year.

The fourth week starting Dec. 25th Christmas Day starts off with the Moon in the fire sign Aries. This can make for a dynamic and outgoing week as the First Quarter Moonenters into the charging fire sign Aries. Now is a good time to put those plans and projects into action. Mars conjoins with mystical Neptune on Dec. 28th bringing in an inspiring spiritual energy to tap into.  The calendar year finishes up Dec. 31st with the Moon in the witty, playful intellectual air sign Gemini. This night looks like it will be fun and light to go out and socialize with friends and family for the Happy New Year celebrations.

Astrology teaches us how to perceive and make choices due to the energy that cycles and abounds as we look through the zodiac.

Peace and Blessings


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