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StarsI would like to share the  latest astrological forecast from my friend, the gifted Yahaira Volpe of Sedona, Arizona.

We are at the height of the summer season as the brilliance of the Sun in Leo shines upon us.

Leo is a fire sign which means its energy is displays authoritative action, leadership, enthusiasm, vitality and creativity.  Leo Sun signs are noble souls who seek to inspire others through their magnetism – for they are generous, charming and warmhearted. They seek to make a difference by being outgoing, courageous, and proud. They like to gravitate towards center stage and are ambitious to get to the top.

They like to live up to their reputation of being noble, honest, and reliable. Leos can grapple with self-esteem issues if they do not have the opportunity to express themselves. Leos stand for ideas and beliefs which can make them opinionated, stubborn, bossy and egotistical despite the fact that they are basically broad-minded, just and kind. They can be dramatic, flamboyant seeking to be the life of the party.

These are social people who can work hard and play hard. Happy Birthday Leo! This year you are being challenged by a difficult aspect from Saturn. This energy may be felt as a set of restrictions to your self -expression. Search for what within you is limiting your creativity. This may be a year of hard work with diligence.

Mercury is now direct motion in the water sign Cancer – still our thoughts are on home, family and the security they represent. This energy steps up our intuitive and imaginative sensibilities.

Venus is transiting through the analytical earth sign Virgo. We may be looking at our relationships and values with a more organized critical mind. Cleaning things up is the influence this transit encourages.

Mars is moving through the water sign Cancer where it’s difficult to employ the right strategy due to our emotions which may color our perspective to being one sided and subjective.

The first week of August will be energetic with Mars squaring Uranus we may have to watch our patience, recklessness, and over stimulation. Jupiter also squares Uranus mid- month which could influence us to be impulsive, over estimating our gains which result in risky business so think before you leap.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth and wisdom is moving through the emotional water sign Cancer focusing on beliefs about the family, security and one’s country. We may yet to see a period of greater benevolence towards others during this one year transit.

Saturn continues its trek through the mysterious water sign Scorpio. This transit can make us be more reserved and reticent in taking risks. Challenges for Scorpios continue those who are in the process of seeing their limitations and resolving to change and transform anything that no longer works for them will be revealed. This also applies to the sun signs Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. However this is the time to make those serious decisions you’ve been putting off that will certainly relieve the pressure exerted by Saturn.

Uranus continues its trek through the fire sign Aries in retrograde motion this energy can help us to really feel our passions and gain insight for the changes we want to make it encourages courage, brilliance and freedom.

Neptune in Pisces helps us to grow in a transcendental way our imagination is stirred by the impulses from the spiritual realms which are more palpable at this time. This transit encourages our spiritual growth and self -realization.

Pluto continues its long transit through the earth sign Capricorn. Perhaps rather than having a chaotic transition with our need for changes with our governmental structures this transit can create the potential for an orderly transition being constructive rather than destructive. Pluto’s last transit in Capricorn coincided with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the United States we are still years away from living a new order that is evolving.

The Lunar Cycle for August

The New Moon occurs Aug. 6th in the fun loving fire sign Leo. This is a good time to put plans forward and initiate new action for growth and expansion. This is a good lunar energy to show your leadership and generosity towards others.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 14th in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. This may be a time for serious decisions, weigh the pros and cons before committing to any endeavor, delve in deeper to persevere and persist with your plans or projects. This is the growing phase of the moon it may require decisions be made.

The Full Moon occurs Aug. 20th in the impersonal air sign Aquarius. Full Moon energy represents the height the climax of a growing trend. Aquarius seeks to be humanitarian, free, impersonal, unattached to outcomes. Leo its opposite represent pride, possessive, self -esteem the very personal sense of self -expression thus the two polarities seek to combine and find a balance and reach for a new awareness as the whole and the one conjoin in the collective psychic. Are you part of the whole or the one individual apart this is the paradox of this lunar phase.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 28th in the curious social air sign Gemini. With the transiting Sun now moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo we have the start of the summing up of the summer season. This is a great lunar influence to organize your many thoughts, try not to let yourself be scattered and focus on priorities. Finishing up projects is a good way to work with these energies.

And so another cycle is completed do take stock of what you have grown within self and your personal expressions.

As always we are the deciders of how to use the planetary energies for fun, love, productivity and personal gratification within the whole of the collective. Remember Source is within.

Happy Trails

Peace and Blessings


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