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Greetings!   Life is about cycles and this summer cycle is at its height with the transiting Sun in the fire sign Leo. As Leo is a dry andSun ID-100126238 barren sign we have the hottest time of the summer months. This is a good time to utilize the inspirational energy that this sign can bestow. Leo Sun can help us with creative action and positive self-esteem; like pride in being on this earth and enjoying the bounty all around us. We will have periods in August where the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter conjoin in the fire sign Leo lending a more buoyant energy to our activities, stronger opinions exchanged and possibly a desire for a more romantic time will be a focus as Venus and Mars conjoin later in the month. Watch out for overly opinionated fixed attitudes within the collective mind.

Old father time Saturn will square most of these planets in Leo, stepping up the tension around any decisions that Leo may have to make this month, particularly around the Full Moon Aug. 10th. Notice a more lethargic energy around this time.
The transiting Sun moves into the analytical earth sign Virgo Aug. 22nd, the energy shifts with the end of the summer season and a return to the practical, mundane details of life. A busier time commences as this earth sign energy helps us focus our energies towards the more analytical by paying attention to the details of any task in front of us. Virgo signals the beginning of the harvest time ending with Fall at the Autumnal Equinox as the transiting Sun moves further into the southern hemisphere.

LionLeo Sun sign natives can be described as fun, loving, generous and loyal. These folks like to be leaders and the center of attention as they are ruled by the Sun. They may feel aligned with divine nobility and can be tremendous sources of love and encouragement for others. Leos thrive in creative environments where they can direct things as leadership comes easily to them. They have a dramatic way of expressing their ideas and display positive self -esteem. The Leo personality enjoys popularity, flattery, romance and authority. They seldom act in a fashion that would cause them regret. They may be opinionated, stubborn, bossy and egotistical despite the fact that they are basically broad minded, just and kind. Those Leo natives born around the middle of the month will feel the Saturn influence, bringing a more sober tone to their self-expression. A time for decisions, duty and restrictions may be in store for Leo.

The Lunar Cycle for August

The month starts out with the First Quarter Moon on Aug. 3rd in the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a mixed day with some hard aspects and tensions which can be used for decisive action. This first quarter moon is a good time to set the course to launch plans or projects.

Moon half ID-100191559The Full Moon in the air sign Aquarius occurs Aug. 10th. The opposition between the Sun in Leo and the transiting Moon in Aquarius can put us in touch with the polarity between the individual will and the collective will as it is a time to feel the all in one and one in all aspect of this energy. Taking a stand for what ideals you believe in is a positive expression of this aspect.

The energy changes as the Last Quarter Moon signals the end of this lunar cycle in the fixed earth sign Taurus (Aug. 17). This is a good time to finish up projects, evaluate the things in your life that have greater value and make some decisions about what to keep and what to let go of as we ready for the new burst of energy at the new moon.

The New Moon occurring Aug. 29th, in the practical yet analytical earth sign Virgo starts the end of the summer season. Virgo moon energy is good for organizing and setting priorities. Cleaning things up and focusing on what is really important is the challenge of this energy.

As always the stars incline us towards energy patterns but we are the deciders on how we use the energy towards our evolution.

Peace and Blessings

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