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The transiting Sun is moving through the passionate fire sign Aries; spring has begun for most of the northern hemisphere. This is a time Stars night sky josep-castells-23322of great energy bursting forward as nature wakes up to a new beginning at the start of the zodiac’s cycle. We may feel that the life force is stirring us up towards new activity now that the slumber of winter has ended.

Aries starts, pushes forward no matter what the odds are. Being a fire sign Aries Sun sign natives love to be the first to express their original ideas.  They like to express themselves with sound and fury and at times they can display a pioneering spirit showing great courage to their benefit and offer great leadership or they can be blunt and direct and seem to be self-centered. They love anything that is new and novel oftentimes not finishing or following through. They can be restless, egotistical and impatience as they feel they must keep moving on. As friends, they will behave in a protecting manner as they are great warriors able to charge to anyone’s aid. These folks are romantic and passionate they take great strides to prove their worth to the object of their affections.  This year for those born later in the sign Uranus planet of abrupt change has been challenging  Arians to wake up, change take opportunities to free themselves of any burdens. The light within must shine. Happy Birthday, Aries!

The Planetary aspects through the upcoming weeks480969803

March 31st we have the Full Moon in the harmony seeking air sign Libra, this full moon energy is great for social events, going out and sharing with family and friends as we move through this holiday weekend.
April 1-8th, April Fools may well be that this year as we have Mercury, the trickster of the planets, in apparent retrograde motion moving through the fires sign Aries, providing us with odd time sequences; things move fast, and then slow, then abruptly as Mercury will square Mars and Saturn this week. Take your time with contracts and agreements as the details are not always clear under the retrograde.  April 2 Mars and Saturn join up in the serious earth sign Capricorn this could cause some folks like to experience a sense of unending frustrations and lack of energy.  This is a time to go with the flow and slow down.

April 8-15th The Last Quarter Moon on April 8th, in the earth sign Capricorn finished this lunar cycle this is a good time to make decisions, clean things up, and contemplate what new plans or projects you will like to start around the 15th when Mercury goes direct and we have the New Moon in the charging fire sign Aries,.

April 16-22nd. Good energy is available to start new projects and plans. Give Mercury a couple of days to run more smoothly and this is a good time to access what you learned these last 3 weeks, and or what got fixed, or what decisions you may want to review.,Tuesday, April 17 that being the US tax day, is full of major planetary aspects, Venus opposes Jupiter, Venus trines Neptune, escapism, lethargy, mysticism, or retreating; are some of the ways this energy may be felt. Saturn in ambitious Capricorn which it rules goes retrograde for about a 5 month period.  The energy for this day may well be slow, somber, and decisive. Saturn turning retrograde in Capricorn can be good for gathering inner strength and resolve. Most of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives born in the early part of the sign may feel it the most. April 19 the Sun enters into the practical security minded earth sign Taurus. This transit of the Sun will soften the energy, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.  The First Quarter Moon happens in the fire sign Leo on the Earth Day celebrations, a good time to march and lead and enjoy nature. Pluto planet of transformation and recycling goes retrograde in the earth sign Capricorn April 22, where it has been busy ushering in all types of changes, reforms, and transformation of those things ruled by Capricorn like governments, orders, Capricorn natives must give up the false sense of control and surrender to their higher self as this aspect to their Sun can deliver the greatest spiritual sense of freedom, enlightenment, and release. Most cardinal signs are feeling these forces challenging them as well for Uranus and Pluto both have been affecting Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Change is inevitable and is the only constant in the universe.

Week of April 23-29th, Nice energy with Venus shifting into the curious intellectual air sign Gemini on Tuesday 24th, also Mars and Jupiter form a beneficial sextile which helps to ease energy through especially if you are building things, working with physical objects. Or just moving your energy like in sports or dancing. The Full Moon occurs April 29th in the powerful water sign Scorpio this could be a weekend of quiet contemplation, or working at things in solitude an aspect between Sun and Saturn can ease any difficult energy, hold on steady as the Moon opposes Uranus planet of abrupt change.

And that is the significant aspects this month, astrology teaches about the cycles through the tropical zodiac, we get to choose the way we use the energy available and their interpretation.
Peace and Blessings

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