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hand with butterflies dreamstime_m_8935839 websizeby Yahaira Volpe, Sedona, Arizona   The spring season is underway with the a new cycle around the zodiac initiating a new beginning in this life of spirit as the Sun transits through the energetic fire sign Aries. This is a time to move forward with new initiatives and drives as we strive for more in this year. This fire sign represents the bursting forth of spirit into a new expression. This is the natural inclination to be the first, in all things, for the Aries native. This forcefulness is much like the ram, the symbol for Aries inclination to charge ahead, no matter what the cost.

The Aries influence gives an adventurous, pioneering spirit, courage and a blunt direct manner of approaching life. Aries people are forever moving forward into new plans and projects. Aries people don’t like to be held down by restrictions and limitations; they want to be guided by their inspirations and drives. This year will bring continual change to Aries natives as Uranus and Pluto continue to prod you to accept the changes and challenges to move forward and be transformed.

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this first week of April as we move forward with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. This energy helps us move into the challenge between the individual spirit urges for self-expression and the need to balance and harness our driving forces. The signs mostly affected by this Full Moon Eclipse are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives. Lunar eclipses bring things to the surface. It’s a good time to gain an acute awareness of our hidden feelings and subconscious drives, just in time for the Easter celebrations to let go of the old and bring in the new as life continues to dance its natural rhythms.

Mercury is in Aries conjoining with the Sun and Uranus. This transits brings quick and active decisions and overall our movements are likely to be changing suddenly with out of the blue bursts of energy.

Venus and Mars are both transiting through the practical earth-loving sensual sign Taurus. This helps us appreciate nature and our possessions with great passion. This can also be a creative time for lovers and those involved in the arts. The status quo of relationships, particularly since Venus and Mars are representative of our more primal natures, is more likely to stay the same for now. These two planets in Taurus help all the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn this month.

Jupiter, the planet that represents expansion and growth, is moving forward April 9th in the fire sign Leo. This transit helps us find more opportunities for wealth and expansion of our interests. This is a good placement for philosophies or wisdom pertaining to children and creative leadership programs.

Saturn,Father Time, the bringer of growth through limitation, is moving retrograde in Sagittarius giving more lessons for fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarian natives to break free of restrictions.

Uranus in Aries continues to charge ahead helping Aries, Leo and Sagittarian natives to make those wanted changes by lending courage and intuitive flashes in the growth of consciousness.

Neptune in Pisces, its own sign, strengthens our desire to connect on spiritual levels and live a life more attuned to those vibrations. Psychic and intuitive development are enhanced by this transit. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio natives benefit from this transit to trust and develop their intuition and use their abilities for the good of the whole. Surrender is the keyword in this time.

Pluto continues to break down old rigid structures as we make way for new forms of organization through the ambitious practical earth sign Capricorn. Under way are all signs for the reforms yet to be realized through this 16 year transit; so therefore develop, shed and question authority.

The transiting Nodes are moving through Libra and Aries bringing in new directions especially for Aries and Libra sun signs. It may seem confusing now but it will be all the better once this transit is complete by Nov. 2015.

moon full ID-10082557The Lunar Cycle for April

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th – the Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries sparks up our ability to appreciate the differences in one another; through contrast we grow.

Last Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn April 11th. This sums up the last three weeks of activity as we can analyze and weigh what projects or plans we wish to continue to develop this month. Capricorn can make us feel limited with current circumstances yet urge us through limitation to formulate solutions. This is a good time in the lunar cycle to clean things up and organize, getting ready for the new cycle.

The New Moon arrives April 18th in the fire sign Aries. This energy comes in like gang busters. Moving forward with enthusiasm are good ways to express this energy but do watch out for the other guy. This is the time to start new projects and or to launch them.

Our planetary energies are always in motion and we get to decide how to use and harness the energies through our free will choice.

Peace and Blessings


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