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Hatha YogaHoly cow, we have an interesting variation in the energy vibration of the planets in May.  In astrology, we are experiencing 5 major planets going retrograde, the first time in ten years that they are stilling each of the planets involved special attributes.  Each planet has qualities associated with it, Pluto is the planet of transformation, Saturn is known as the authoritarian teacher, you know the kind of teacher you learned a lot from but man, they were strict. Mars is the planet of action, Jupiter the planet of gifts and joy, Mercury the planet of communication and commerce and lastly Neptune the planet of magic and mystery. Yup they are all tripping down memory lane so their benefits slow down and so do we.

“Why am I not motivated to do anything?”

“I am feeling slower and distracted.”

“There seems to be a lot of craziness going on right now.”

This is what I am hearing from clients over the past week.   It is a time to enjoy, have fun and slow down.  Reflect, relax, review, research, those words with an “re” in front of it is about what this vibration is all about and how you can make the best of the monthly energies.

Going with the flow this month means patience.  Going into greater detail about something you are considering is going to be very beneficial this month.  Research, reviewing rather than purchasing high ticket items, especially electronics would be great if you could wait.  Triple check everything you write, as communication can sometimes go wonky.  Some one misses something, the other didn’t hear right, you get the picture.

So how do we keep our vibration high? 

482467759(1)You know you are resonating to a high vibration when you are feeling clear, happy and grounded.  You have control over your emotions and are conscious about the thoughts that you entertain.  You know its OK to be upset, angry, sad, but do not want to ever live there.  You see them as emotions that merely point you in the direction of something needing healing.  In Sound Reiki, we call being in balance resonating to 100% Divine Love and Light energy.

When we are out of balance we start to experience an energy drain and our vibration lowers.   Low vibration energy is a different feeling than being just tired. That’s a part of it but you feel drained.  Have you felt that before or even now?   There is something draining that energy, it’s usually negative energy cords and they usually are in the chakras.   This prevents the chakras from activating and distributing their life force energy throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The affect of blocked energy can range from being tired easily and often, feeling a lack of energy, not sleeping well, weird dreams, lack of clarity, “not myself” feeling.  If this goes unchecked it can lead to exhaustion and a lack of clarity, inviting bad decisions or not making any at all.    You find your insecurities rising to the surface more often, or get edgy and say things you don’t mean.   You attract unpleasant people or experiences, not to mention you develop uncomfortable physical symptoms.

For me sound is the fastest way to move energy.   In Sound Reiki® we create470226553 a prayer of intention that is used to create and direct the sound healing energy.  That energy comes in the form of tones sung that are in alignment to that prayer of intention.  When you hear it, your body, mind and spirit know intuitively that sound and recognize those tones on a spiritual level.  It responds by immediately releasing the blocks and aligns the cellular, molecular, RNA/DNA etc., to the highest level the body can hold and use efficiently.  A sense of well being, lightness, calmness, and clarity takes place within seconds.  It’s kinda like waking up rested from weeks of sluggishness in a few minutes.  Once the body is grounded with a grounding intention follow by the healing tones it always amazes me how anchored everyone is in seconds.

Every thought and feeling has a vibrational frequency to it.  You probably can guess that Love and forgiveness have a high vibration while anger and fear have a very low vibration.  It’s important not to be overly sensitive this month and try not to over analyze.  These energies give us the opportunity to practice not taking things personally and patience, patience, patience.  Waiting and delays can be a good thing, this is where your positive self talk comes in.  You might not be able to see what is around the corner but your faith and trust replaces fear and uncertainty that whatever happens, its for higher purpose.

To raise your vibration and to align and balance your energy to 100% Divine Love and Light, the Sound Reiki way, I invite you to listen and align to the free link for a Sound Reiki Alignment Meditation. Click Here for the Sound Reiki® Aligning and Balancing Meditation. Just get comfy, sit back and listen to the tones. Be sure to listen to the grounding tones that follow right after.

It you like what you hear, join me and learn to increase your own vibration at our fun and interactive two day Sound Reiki Certification weekend held in Etobicoke on May 28 and 29th 2016.

Sending you good vibrations.

Love and Light,



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