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Healing sessions are available either in person or over the phone. The length of a Healing Session will be approximately 1 to 2 hours. There is no preparation required other than having an open mind.

Frank Di Genova, a client said,

“It was very powerful and Catherine’s toning was definitely vibrating with 100% Divine Love and Light. It reverberated my entire core and I found myself gently yet powerfully tuned and aligned to the vibration she was channeling in! It felt safe to surrender to it!”

I focus on the root of issues not their symptoms. I like to get to the core of where these issues were first created, whether it is in this life or another. With each person one or more “primaries” will reveal themselves to me for healing, prior to our meeting. Please feel free to bring questions or issues that you would like to address in addition to what I will reveal to you. Many times, they will be the same but not perhaps in a way that is immediately obvious to you.

Healing happens in layers. As the root of issue is revealed and healed, the next stage of blocks or limiting beliefs start to show themselves, one dimension of your being at a time. The amount of work we are able to do in one session is completely dependent on how much energy healing you can handle. This is very deep healing and if you choose, permanent. Once the root source of the issue is healed and it is completely understood why it occurred, most of my clients never go back to those issues. What we allow to manifest in our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body is based on our free will choice. These healings provide clear choices of beliefs and activities that will maintain the Divine Light that is increasing in you as blocks are healed. When you hear, and with your free will, accept the healing tones that are customized for you and vibrating on many dimensional levels, healing will happen almost instantly.

There is no limit as to what issues we can address. Many issues are rooted in:

  • Inner Children, limiting beliefs anchored from childhood
  • Past or present life karmic patterns
  • Misalignment of your Core Beliefs
  • Negative active or dormant “energy cords” affecting your life force energy
  • Misalignment of chakras, meridians, energy grids and axiatonal lines

Catherine has many clients that call her internationally and in the Divine Space/Time Continuum there is no distance too far. This Sound and Light Energy healing has no boundaries as to where or when it is done and it is not necessary to see or speak with anyone to send healing.


Catherine is dedicated to healing and assisting spirit people who are grounded on the earth plane by crossing them over to their rightful place in the spirit world.  Often unhappy spirit people who are grounded here have experienced trauma in life or in death and are so connected with these events that they cannot or will not, find their way to the Other Side. Catherine uses the utmost respect and compassion when working with spirit people.

Catherine is able to “see” intuitively and confirm if your home or work space has spirit people, animals or anything else.  Investigations can be scheduled during the day or evening. Catherine welcomes her clients to observe the investigations as they are conducted.


Life coaching sessions are popular as a follow up to assist you in maintaining your Divine Light and coach you to handle the situations you desire to discuss. I bring forward “primaries” in each session, as they arise, as well address the subjects you wish to discuss. Coaching sessions typically last about 30 minutes and are booked as needed.

  • Appointments are required for all healing sessions. Fees are in Canadian dollars and must be paid through PayPal in advance of your session.
  • In Person:  $250.00/ approximately 2 hours
  • Telephone: $2.50 / minute
  • Paranormal Investigations and Property Clearing: $125.00 plus expenses
  • To book now for any of the services that Catherine offers or for more information, please click here

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