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Ghostbusting Gurus

Who are you going to call?

There are many different types of energies that can reside in your home or on your property. It is the negative energies that we are talking about here – they can be spirits, entities or even something else. Most likely you are reading this because you know that something is just not right. We’ve had clients that are hearing strange noises, televisions are turning on and off and some have even taken pictures or video of something in a corner of the room or peering in through the window.

Heather Hannan and Catherine Varga, the Ghost Busting Gurus, have the gift of being able to identify and transform the energy of people, places and things and have been removing and crossing over “spirit people” or ghosts for 15 years. We also use our gifts to see and remove negative energies affecting properties, relationships, health and wealth, whether from this or a past life. Our reputations have grown and now we are sought out internationally for our expertise. We have cleared the energies of people and properties in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Dubai, South America, Africa and Australia. With our ability to see negative energies we will assess the business or property to determine if there are ghosts or any other type of low vibration energy in the building or on the property. We will identify what type of energy this is and how it came to be on there. We will permanently remove the source of the negative energy and transform the business, building and property to 100% Light.

Included in Business, Home and Property Clearing:

  • Assessment of the building and property to determine if there are ghosts and any other type of energy in the building or on the property
  • Identification of what type or types of energy are involved
  • The energy will be permanently removed
  • All the energy’s negative effects will be removed from the:
    • Property
    • Home or Business

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All ghosts and negative energies are either crossed over (if this is the correct solution) or permanently removed. They are not just moved off your property; they are permanently removed.

We can also do the same assessment for you, your business or your Real Estate listing to determine if you are being affected by any negative energies.

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“Thank you for the blessing you placed on our house.  Our house was on the market for several weeks and the day it was blessed was the day it sold!”  TP, Homeowner

“Since the day we moved into our new house my younger son had told me we were not alone!  He sensed the presence of someone.  He often would tell me his items were being rearranged or constantly disappearing and then reappearing days later. A spirit was confirmed, the house cleared of his presence and this gave him the opportunity to cross over and join his family.  All the activity stopped.”  – SL, Homeowner


Are you an Agent and your Listing is just not selling?

Your listing has been priced well, shows great and you aren’t receiving any offers. It has had tons of showings or maybe it is getting very few showings. The clients are getting anxious and so are you, because you have tried everything.

Did you know that Ghosts or negative energy could be keeping clients away or affecting the closing of a deal? Energy Clearing will permanently remove ghosts or any negative energy blocking the sale of the listing.

There is a real solution to a very real problem. We have been called by realtors or homeowners because they know that something is wrong. They have seen someone or something in their house or on the property. They know this is not a physical presence and it is making them uncomfortable. We have been called because lights are going on and off and doors are opening and closing by themselves. We have also been called when someone passes away on the property and the owners wish to prepare the property for sale. But, the main reason we are consulted is because it just doesn’t make sense that the property is not selling!

We have the ability to identify the energies of spirits. We assess every listing to determine if there actually is a ghost or spirit and what is required to transform it into a property that attracts a buyer. I know that we can do the same assessment for you and your business to determine if YOU are being affected by anything that is blocking the sale of your listings and the acceleration of your business.

Fees start at $500

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“I have been a realtor for 30 years. Recently I listed a home that several other agents were unable to sell and the seller was adamant about leaving the list price the same. I asked the Ghostbusting Gurus to clear the house that afternoon. The next day I met with the owner and there was a palpable difference in how the house felt to me when I walked in. I sold the house that night for more than the owner had expected.  It had been on and off the market for over a year with other agents…I had it listed for 3 days.  Thank you so much.”   PH, Realtor

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