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DIVINE SOUND AND LIGHT HEALING AUDIO PROGRAMAfter years of study and working with clients internationally, I have developed this technique so that I can easily identify blocks or limiting beliefs and heal them whether they are created in this life or another. Those in the human consciousness that have chosen the path of Light are accelerating their own conscious reincarnation.

What is Conscious Reincarnation? I believe we experience a rebirth every time we heal something within ourselves, whether it is a habit, a person, behavior or experience. Letting go is a conscious decision we make and we are forever changed by it. For me this is Conscious Reincarnation.

This program is designed to accelerate your growth through the spiritual healing tones I vocalize which access all dimensions of your being. Through the intents for each of the four sessions in this program, combined with your belief in a higher power, these tones can release blocks that are affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It aligns with your determination to grow and is driven by your inner instinct and inner knowing of a need to be your Authentic Self.

The tones that I receive are based on an intent that you will hear at the beginning of each of the four sessions. I have been divinely guided to create these sessions as a primary focus for all who honor the path of Divine Light. It will be the focus for all ascending people for the next 12 months.

The foundation of the program is a sound and light healing technology rooted in electro-tonal frequency vibrations which I express using my voice. I believe that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy. As an Ascension Grand Master, my being resonates to the same vibration as the Divine Oneness of All That Is. The Oneness is the spiritual Source of all Sources, the root of our being and I believe we are all connected to this Divine vibration. The multidimensional tones I sing and the universal laws associated with them enable me to heal the human body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


  1. (8:37) Intro
  2. (4:39) How To Use This Program
  3. (11:06) Aligning & Balancing Divine Light Energy
  4. (10:54) Core Beliefs Anchoring Your Divinity
  5. (12:32) Conscious Reincarnation Releasing The Past
  6. (11:02) 8th Chakra Activation & Anchoring Divine Light Energy

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