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C CHAIR LEG UPBy Catherine Varga.   Wow, what a year 2014 has been! It has been filled with epiphanies and completions and never ending change, often for the better. As we approach the end of this calendar cycle, it is amazing when we think of how much we have changed from the beginning of the year until now.

2014 – when you add the numbers up, it equals 7. Seven contains a vibration of Divine spiritual energy made manifest. What we attracted to us this year was intended to activate the change inside us needed to free us of past hurts and look at what life has to offer rather than what it hasn’t. This energy showed up as life altering events and came in a way that was a catalyst for your personal change. It found us at times as willing participants and at other times forced us to change through chaos and crisis.

Freedom, co-operation, conscious living, finding the courage to let go of people and places that no longer contribute to our happiness are examples. 2014 was a year intended to anchor positive core beliefs about yourself, life, love and living and to assist you to surrender half-truths and illusions. You can’t move forward looking backwards.

How has your life changed for the better this year?

  • Who are you going to be in 2015? Will you strive to be more patient, more loving, more adventurous, more peaceful?
  • What limiting beliefs, anger or fear will you surrender to make space for your happiness?
  • Are you seeking out breakthroughs to boldly go beyond your limits?
  • Make all changes as forms of empowerment.481384707

Commit to create your own “ten commandments” or “four agreements” for 2015 and watch how rapidly you attract your abundance. When you create your own spiritual philosophy about love and how it is expressed inwards and outwards in your life, it creates clarity, like a guiding Light, about how to handle circumstances that can deeply affect us, our families, our relationships, our work and community.

  • What do you stand for? How do you demonstrate this to yourself and others every day?

December’s cosmic and divine energies are connecting you to a high vibration of manifestation energy that will be a theme in 2015. Use all the intense growth you’ve experienced over the past year and channel it into a brand new adventure.

  • Tap into your inner explorer. There is no ending an exploration…it is always ongoing, a continuum.
  • Invite yourself to express your gifts with fearless abandonment and freedom.

The light codes activated in December resonate to a vibration of fun, freedom, social connection, communication, adventure and creativity. Watch how they manifest as unexpected shifts, flexibility, and a wonderful opening for your imagination to create absolutely anything!

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

December is a month of new beginnings. Starting fresh with a clean slate and letting bygones be bygones is a key ingredient to manifesting abundance, success and happiness, right now.

  • Commit to resolve any conflict between your rational mind and your intuition.

As we move towards the December 21st Solstice, accept the wonderful blessings, opportunities and new beginnings that carry you there.

  • Allow yourself to feel liberated from past conditions that seemingly held you hostage.185617684
  • Feel these shifts as spectacular visions or events that will spur you into a new way of life.
  • Shut off your auto pilot and enter other realms of consciousness, new dimensions – the opportunities for exploration are limitless.
  • You are completing your lessons so that you can step up and give and receive all of yourself.

Set the stage this month with clarity and a commitment to an intention that contributes to your growth and happiness. Prepare for a year with great manifestation potential by:

  • Being flexible and open.
  • Being optimistic, see a higher purpose when interpreting events.
  • Looking for the humor in everything.
  • Being determined and acting on your gut instincts – if something “feels right”, it is right

Thank you all for your kindness, love and incredible support for Sound Reiki ® over the past year. We are truly blessed and grateful for your friendship and love.



The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.
~G.K. Chesterton, “Orthodoxy”

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