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We are excited to introduce a selection of handpicked Quartz Crystals from Sedona, Arizona.  These crystals originated in Arkansas, where they have one of the largest deposits of Quartz Crystal in North America.  From Arkansas they travelled to Sedona.  It was here we first saw these beautiful crystals and hand picked a selection to bring back to Canada. Our current collection is now sold out.  Sign up now for the Monthly Newsletter to make sure you receive advance notice of any new arrivals.

Arkansas quartz is known for its particularly fast vibration and anyone working with these crystals raises their vibration by just holding them and meditating with them.

Ascension Quartz Crystal can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts.   It can provide clarity in thinking, utilizing the talents and abilities of the mind, manifesting towards ones desires.  It synchronizes the individual and universal consciousness with that of the heavens and advanced life-forms and stimulates psychic abilities.  It further assists in retaining calmness, enhancing energy vibration, promoting patience and perseverance.

Crystal is a sentient being, it is alive.  Treat the crystal with respect; it is here to help you, like a guardian angel.  It has been around for a long time and contains ancient records and wisdom.  It desires to help you.

Ascension Crystals

We will be putting new crystals on our website regularly.

Ascension Crystal 001

3″ W x 4″ H x 1 1/2″ D

Cost: $28








002 Back


Ascension Crystal 002

2 3/4″ W x 2″ H x 1 1/2″ D

Price: $25






Ascension Crystal 003

2 3/4″ W x 2″ H x  2″ D

Cost: $20




Ascension Crystal 004

3 1/4″ W x 2″ H x 3 1/4″ W x 2 3/4″ D

Cost: $24






Ascension Crystal 005

4 1/4″ W x 1 3/4″ H x 1 3/4″ D

Cost: $27






Ascension Crystal 006

2 1/4″ W x 2 1/4″ H x 2 3/4″ D

Cost: $16


To purchase or for more information

call 416-255-9403 or email







Crystal Meditation:  Clear your mind and take some deep breaths. Place the crystal in the palm of one of your hands while the other palm faces upwards towards the ceiling or sky.  Close your eyes and state out loud or in your mind your intention of how the crystal can assist you.  Here is an example of an intention: “It is my intent to create my highest possible Divine reality in all forms of my being and I humbly ask the crystal and All That Is for your guidance and assistance.  I give thanks and gratitude for this wisdom.”

See what impressions come into your mind and body and be open to receiving your answers and a general state of well-being.

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