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Experience a healing meditation with Catherine Varga.

The transformational audio healing program uses Sound Reiki, a sound and light healing technology rooted in electro-tonal frequency vibrations, expressed through the voice.  This unique program consists of four Attunements which allow you access to the highest vibration you can be at this stage of your development.  Each time you listen to the program it instantly aligns and balances your Divine Light Energy to its highest level and instantly aligns all of your chakras to your highest vibration.

The program is designed to accelerate your growth each time you listen to it.  As you focus on the intents and tones in each of the four sessions in this program, combined with your belief in a higher power, you can accelerate your inner work.

You can use all sessions together or listen to just one for rejuvenation, it is very versatile; there are no limits on how you can use the program.  It will grow with you; it is of a Divine Consciousness.

Prior to starting the session, refrain from eating for one hour.  As you listen to the sessions, clear your mind and close your eyes and release yourself to the sounds you hear.  If you are lying down or sitting as you do this, just turn the palms of your hands skyward until you are finished.


  • (8:37) Intro
  • (4:39) How To Use This Program
  • (11:06) Aligning & Balancing Divine Light Energy
  • (10:54) Core Beliefs Anchoring Your Divinity
  • (12:32) Conscious Reincarnation Releasing The Past
  • (11:02) 8th Chakra Activation & Anchoring Divine Light Energy

  • CD:  $25 + shipping
  • Download CD now: $20

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What people are saying

“This is truly the most transformational healing program that I have ever used. The alignments to the love and purity of the Oneness of All That Is now allow me to move through my life with calmness, trust and even more clarity and peace. The awareness that I receive when I listen to these sessions enables me to experience a new, deep level of healing each and every time. Thank you for the blessing of the Divine Light Healing Program.”

Heather Hannan, Ascension Grand Master and Spiritual Healer and Teacher


“The clarity of this CD was so powerful; I felt Catherine’s presence in the room with us!”

Susan Lemay, IT Project Specialist


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