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Catherine Varga is a gifted Intuitive, vibrational sound healing expert, inspiring teacher, life strategist and lecturer. Catherine is a creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing and the internationally known Sound Reiki Certification Programs. She is Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute.  Catherine created the concept of the SoulChild™ and the SoulChild Alignment Method. Wherever she goes she sets the tone to the vibration of joy.

Catherine’s outgoing personality, sense of humor and compassion for others make her popular with clients and students alike.  Her unique self-discovery workshops and self-healing coaching programs have changed many lives.

After 25 years of a highly successful corporate career, Catherine made the decision to follow her passion of sound healing and teaching in 2006.  She met a Metaphysical teacher and during an Ascension Masters program she learned about sound healing and activated her powerful gift to be able to see and move energy, at will, multi-dimensionally.  It was like she had been doing it all her life and within one year her teacher became her student.  She decided to move away from her highly successful corporate career and in 2007, started her own heart centered, sound healing practice and gave birth to an intuitive vibrational sound healing modality called Sound Reiki.

She was Divinely inspired to continue to create modalities and programs that were assisting others in their journey of self-discovery and developed the powerful SoulChild Alignment Method. Catherine has been dedicated to creating life changing programs and working with clients transforming lives through personal empowerment.

Catherine is in service assisting the ascension of the human consciousness into a new era of personal power, peace and unconditional Love.  All of her work and The SoulChild Within is dedicated to that purpose and in service for the greater good of all.



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