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Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive who has been involved in the spiritual healing/ teaching arts and esoteric practices for most of her life. After a highly successful corporate career, Catherine made the decision to follow her passion of healing and teaching and has established an international client base. She is an advanced Sound Reiki® Master Teacher and an Ascension Master.

The purpose of her work is to assist in the creation of the highest possible divine reality for Human and Universal Evolution and Ascension through Conscious Reincarnation™.

Through the understanding that everything is connected, Catherine works with healing energies of Divine Love and Light from the Divine Oneness of All That Is. Her work addresses the root causes of dis-ease which block the ability for one to create their highest possible reality and evolution. By increasing the Light vibration within the human body and the earth, Catherine believes we accelerate the Divine Evolution of the Human, Planetary and Universal Consciousness.

Catherine is an accredited facilitator of Emotional Intelligence. Catherine resides in Toronto, Canada.


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