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Catherine Varga Head ShotHi Catherine,  In the past, I have been disappointed in love, I am in my late 30’s and have decided to start dating again.  I have had a few first dates but no second dates.  A few weeks ago I went out on a first date with Jason, I thought we got along great and he asked me for another date.  He called the day before the date and said he could not make it and would I reschedule?  When we did reschedule the second date, he cancelled the day of and said he had to work late but could he call me again?  I said sure but haven’t heard back.

I found out today, through a friend, that he had met someone, I suppose around the same time we went out or maybe he had been seeing her and decided to get more serious and cast me aside?  I’m a little down about it, but I have signed up for that dating thing again. I can’t say that I’m entirely enthusiastic, especially when I feel kind of rejected. Wow. Being punched in the gut time and time again has got to stop at some point doesn’t it? Seriously. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything.



Does it really matter about Jason?  Is he that important?  His behaviour was unacceptable and, for some things that people do,  you will never Power of Forgiveness Heart - Sound Reiki Instituteknow the reason why.  You can choose to drive yourself crazy about someone who is almost a stranger or accept that he really was not a match for you. He showed you who he was, even before you got to know him. If he was seeing someone, was it very nice he was seeing you?  No, and it is rude for anyone to call and break a date on the same day.  This is not about you; this is about who he is.  I do not think this kind of behaviour is on your “list” of desires for a potential partner. 

Meeting someone is not about defining how good you are, meeting someone is about seeing if there is some compatibility for a deeper relationship.  Sometimes you will recognize an incompatibility first or they will, it doesn’t matter who, it is part of getting to know if someone is right for you.

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