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Law of Attraction The unique and powerful Sound Reiki™ Self-Healing Workshop Series led by Ascension Grand Masters Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan continues with the Law of Attraction.

Through the teachings of the Law of Attraction learn how to manifest more of what you do want in your life!


Our focus will be to:

  • create an understanding about the Universal Law of Attraction, what it is and how it works
  • develop a philosophy that works in harmony with Universal laws, your talents and gifts
  • learn techniques to help identify and manifest that which you desire

Date:  Feb 15, 2012  7-9pm    Location:  Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Introductory Price:  $45 + HST

To Register email or call 416-255-9403 ext 3

To read more information on the Sound Reiki™ Self-Healing Workshop Series click here

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